Alpine fantasy

Alpine fantasy

Photographs by tituz

Well, the Alps looks magnificant all year round. But when the sun finally comes out after days of snowing, it’s a fantasyland. We are shooting outside the cozy Tyrolean house of my boyfriend’s family, and the temperature was -4°C. ( I was actually freezing my ass off… )  I’m wearing a cream colour bandeau dress from H&M. To stop the outfit from going way too cheesy, I added my favourite Topshop boyfriend jacket, and cinched it up with the black ribbon/belt that comes with the dress. Feminine? Boyish? I don’t even know anymore : P Hope you enjoy this outfit and the pictures! (Thanks babe, they are phenomenal.)

Boyfriend jacket from Topshop
Bandeau dress from H&M
Lace up boots from
Tights and golden bangle from H&M

: D

A lovely surprise!

I’m featured on the front page of Chictopia!
I uploaded my first picture on Chictopia last night, and this monring my photo is on their front page 😮 I’m addicted to the website at the moment…


14 responses

  1. you deserve to be featured, your style is pretty unique and I love the way you have toughened up your look with the jacket, and lovely photos, where did you take them!?
    Thank you so mch for your comment 🙂
    xx Hope you have a lovely new year!

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