I’m feeling…off the shoulder

I’m feeling…off the shoulder

Photographs by tituz

I love maxi hemlines, but this one was a floor-sweeping experience : P
I’m wearing an one shoulder maxi dress (which you don’t really see the should here.. ) with a denim coloured shirt over it. The short torso-torso-long-legged look is very chic in my opinion. But what I love most about this outfit is definitely the off shoulder look of the blazer, I feel very powerful for some reasons. By the way I’ve managed to resist the coldness and to look grumpy in every shot. I’m going pro. Enjoy!

Brick red blazer from H&M
Denim coloured cotton shirt from H&M
Maxi black dress from Topshop
Necklace from H&M
Lace up boots & ring from Asos.com

: D


14 responses

  1. Hi, hon, I follow you from Chictopia, I am Halliedaily there just in case, lol..
    Anyway, there is so good to see more Asian Faces there and I like your style alot!

    You did a pretty good job here in your website, I am very impressed! Mine start from Aug. 2010 and all manage by myself, but I really think yours doing much better.

    Wish you a Happy New Year


    P.S. The red Jacket looks so chic with the denim blue. πŸ™‚

    wow, i love all of your vacation photos:)
    you have such great style. i recently bought a black maxi too, can’t wait to wear it as well.
    enjoy the holidays!

  3. I often find that denim shirts are hard to wear… but this is perfect! It’s casual but not sloppy and your red jacket makes it really chic. AND YOUR NECKLACE! It’s beautiful πŸ™‚

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