Let the warm wind blow : )

Let the warm wind blow : )

Photographs by tituz

It’s such a lovely day in Vienna (11°C plus the sun in the middle of the winter!). I’m wearing my freshly-arrived faux fur coat from Topshop’s seasonal sale (well, it’s a dreadfully long wait with the parcel though) and a springy scarf from H&M together with my daily staples. Spring in nowhere in sight but I can’t wait to put on some bright colours (because the new seasonal is all about bold bright colours!). The temperature in Vienna is most  probably gonna drop again, so before I crawl back to my heavy winter closet, I’m gonna enjoy myself in the warm (and odd) mid-winter breeze. Hope you like it!

Faux fur coat from Topshop
Printed scarf from H&M
Burgundy top from Zara
Black high-waisted pants from Topshop
Lace up boots from Asos.com
Bag from Topshop

: D

Ohh! Tomorrow is the big day to publish  my first Vienna street fashion collection, stay tuned!  Now it’s time for a new track!

In this months video we witness how an oupcoming house/electro-pop duo and an old Brit poper can match perfectly. Discodeine is Pilooski and Pentile two french guys who already released some remixes seperatly for the likes of France Copland or LCD Soundsystem, since 2008 they released 5 Eps together as Discodeine (One to check out is definetly the Singular EP with Matias Aguayao).

Here we got their new track Synchronize featuring nobody less than Jarvis Cocker former singer of UK supergroup Pulp on vocals (they are going to play some concerts in the summer, check them out if they are near you!). His warm voice gets perfect backup from a string ensemble in the background making the whole thing great for a home listen but also expect to hear it on the dancefloor soon! In the Video we see Jarvis Cocker, who is under the influence of some liquids, having a hard time figuring out if the couple is in the next room or only exists in his head?! I guess the answer lies in the eye of the beholder ; ) The Video was directed by JF Julian at Wizz Design in Paris. Check it out! tituz


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