Dress up for a sunny day! Snapshot collection Vol.4

Dress up for a sunny day! Snapshot collection Vol.4

Here you go the first two lovely street style I spotted in Vienna!

I love the colour of her coat and the scarf. The combination is quite mature, but on her it feels like fresh breeze . Love the hairstyle too!

She looks so chic in the shawl and the little clutch purse. The flowy silhouette and the impecable use of colour has attracted me from far away.

And the following pictures were taken during a treasure hunt to the Saturday flee market.

And this is me with the grandma handbag I bought from the flee market : P

Have a nice day!

5 responses

  1. the hair style from the girl in the first picture is awesome – looks cheeky, i like! and the other girl’s poncho is pretty cool! the perfect jacket for this weather! ..xox..

  2. Greats streetstyle outfits, both girls are so stylish! But my favorite look is yours as always. Viena looks like wonderful 🙂

    PS: I put you in my blog roll too… thanks so much sweetie :)))


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