Goodbye for now, sweet Vienna.

Goodbye for now, sweet Vienna.

Photographs by tituz

Can’t believe it’s time to say goodbye again… I really love the city now after spending a month actually LIVING in it.  I used to be a frequent traveler (by frequent I mean out-of-control) and now I think I found the place (more importantly the person) to settle down with. It feels scary but pretty amazing. Now I’m heading to my hometown for Chinese New Year with family (believe me there’s nothing more important than CNY for us). I have no clue what will come my way in the next couple of months, wish me good luck : )

About the outfit: This is probably my last outfit for the winter season (style-wise). I only have a small part of my closet with me and the outfits are starting to look repetative. I’m so bored with the dirty neutrals now I need some bright colours for my Spring 2011. (But I genuinely hope you’re still gonna like and comment on this on : P ). Have a lovely evening.

Fedora (or a Trilby )hat from H&M
Dress from Kate Moss for Topshop (Last season)
Maxi Cardigan from
Shoes from Jeffrey Campbell
Jewelry from H&M

: D


12 responses

  1. I come and check if you have new post when you are in Tianjin, ^^
    I would like to see how do you dress in China. :))
    I beg you must be the most stylish girl there. ^^

  2. You always manage to look impeccably chic. You definitely discovered your style niche and know how to dress so perfectly. You look flawless and amazing.

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