Everybody loves the sunshine : )

Everybody loves the sunshine : )

(Monki peach shirt-dress, H&M slouchy cardigan and leopart print scarf, Forever21 ankle boots, Asos.com skinny belt and faceted heart necklace, H&M and Nataliaraya sterling silver jewelry.)

So this is the twisted version of my recent Chictopia front page outfit. I decided to shoot this again mainly because the photos are way too cold and depressing, but I’ve also made a few changes on the outfit itself.

I picked up this shirt-dress together with a few other items from Monki during my short stay (48hours) in Hong Kong. It is now one of my must-haves for Spring because of its versatility – You can wear it in so many ways without looking repetitive. I really like Monki’s affortable price range and its outside-the-box thinking. (I’m not a huge fan of the interior design of their HK store though, there’s hardly a mirror and the changing-rooms are scary.)

*One importance line to my dear fellow bloggers: I’m not able to browse your blog or leave comments because I have no access to all Blogger websites while staying in China. I’m gonna need some serious updates after the holiday : P* Have a lovely evening.


6 responses

  1. what a lovely color of your dress – and with the sunshine, it’s the perfect picture! you look great – i love your huge ring and heart necklace, very special!

  2. Omg I was totally going to get this dress last time I went to monki but I ended up getting the pink accordion pleat skirt! It looks so gorgeous on you!
    Yes I know we have the same leopard print dress from Monki- I was looking at all your past looks and I spotted it! I need some sort of slip dress though.. not sure how you’re rocking yours =)

    So you’re actually my neighbour then? Ah when you come to HK again you should come over and we can have tea!

    Ok my comment-turned-essay will now cease here. Ps. whoever takes your photos is really talented! Love the warmth in this set!

    Have a loverly day!


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