Mini on Maxi.

Mini on Maxi.

Photographs by dear mom : )

(Zara top, H&M cardigan, old Uniqlo denim mini skirt, Topshop maxi skirt, American Apparel pouch and Jeffrey Campbell wedges.)

I’m back with a new outfit post! As I said before I’m trying different things out lately, I layered  a mini denim skirt on my go-to black maxi! It sounds funny but I think it’s a great way to add layers to your outfit! Firstly it adds a hint of denim blue to the black and white basics, and secondly the hard fabric of denim is a good mixture with the soft flowy black maxi and sheer top, it gives the entire outfit a solid texture. Love it so much! And the pouch is such a spot-on accessory for this minimalist look! I hope you enjoy this post, leave me a comment and let me know what you think : )

Runway inspirations

(From left: Frankie Morello Spring 2011; Givenchy Spring 2011; Antonio Marras Spring 2011)
Photo source:;

Once again the Frankie Morello’s Spring collection really makes me laugh. I love highway movie kind of setup for the show, and the “inside out, upside down” concept of designs, definitely an inspiration for my outfit; The Givenchy spring collection had opened my eyes for the possibilities of layering. First time in my life I feel justified with wearing two bottom pieces together (well leggings don’t count…); Antonio Marras’ Spring collection is so cheerful and fun. I love the subtle lace details  and the overall sheerness.

Street inspirations

(From left: Celita Daily Style; La Catrina; Jean Greige)
Photo source:

A black maxi skirt is like a blank canvas you can create almost any look with it. I found these fabulous stylings of slim-cut maxi skirts on Chictopia, they all looks so effortlessly chic! Visit their blogs for more info of the outfits. (And yes, I have a little girl crash on Jean Greige, please don’t tell her : S)

(I’m going to skip Get the look now section this time cox the post’s getting ridiculously long. You can find the items’ link in the text. Now, a track to brighten up your day!)

This months Video comes from Berlins superwoman Ellen Allien. Everybody who is just slightly into electronic music should have came across that name couple of times before. Founding her own Recordlabel, hosting Radio Shows, constantly Djing in all significant clubs worldwide, releasing Albums and Remixes and even running her own Fashion Label she really has a reputation of her own. Here we got her latest track which is featured on “Werkschau” a compilation of her BPitch Control record label which also features tracks by Paul Kalkbrenner or Sascha Funke. enjoy! tituz


21 responses

  1. what an amazing skirt – love it! your mom is a very good photographer 😉 you look fantastic, your style is pretty cool! ..a hug from zurich and i hope you are back in vienna soon!..

  2. i wouldn’t have expected this to work before if you just told me you were layering a denim mini over a maxi skirt but you totally sold me on it! you look great!

  3. looks great, I also will fallow the maxi skirt trend, and I actually are planing to make my own maxi skirts:)

  4. Loving the experimentation, such a fresh combo! The detailing on the back of the t-shirt is very cool too, delicate but edgy and I think I am going to have to steal this clutch from you 🙂

  5. thats very creative to put a mini on a maxi!!! 🙂 also wanna try oneday.
    i go to hk everyweek for work. and of course for my own reason i love shopping there too!!!
    hehe i think you will find macau changed a lot if you come visit again, can show you around 🙂
    yes would love to join you gals as long as you dont mind that i am quite shy and not talkative ;P

  6. hey there! I did made my own maxiskirt version of that one, and I have borrowed a picture from you as inspo, hope it is okey, I of curse have given your blogg as a source:)

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