For Japan.

For Japan.

Photographs by dear mom : )

(Zara shirt, H&M dress, Topshop straw hat, vintage handbag from Poland, Max oxfords)

We all know about the devastating earthquake and deadly neuclear aftermath in Japan. What can we do apart from making donations and praying for those who are  facing the disaster. Sam from Sam is Home emailed Chictopia about her idea of wearing red as to commemorate all that has happened in Japan. Thanks to that Chictopia is now hosting a campaign called “Wear Red Wear Hope” in collaboration with the Red Cross.

“The fashion community can not only inspire what people wear daily, but we have a voice that can call other people into action at a time of crisis and loss.” – Sam from Sam is Home

My Wear Red Wear Hope outfit consists of a fruit and floral print Zara shirt, a midi H&M skirt in vibrant red colour and a Topshop straw hat with flower adornments – symbolising life and hope. I hope you enjoy this ourfit! Please spread the word and show your support for Japan!

Join Chictopia’s Wear Red Wear Hope Campaign by uploading a picture of yourself wearing one red item. Also, donate US$10 to Red Cross Japan earthquake and tsunami relief funds. For more detail please click here.
And now, my favourite Ladies in Red : )

Upper row from left: Alyssa Bird, Sam is Home, Candy Kawaii Lover.
Lower row from left: Views from my Window, Hallie Daily, Pinkbulletstore.
Photo source:

Have a lovely day!

21 responses

  1. I am glad we are all uniting for Japan they are showing an incredible approach to such an awful disaster.

    As for your outfit I really adore the skirt, is it this season’s? I have to admit after seing this I have made my way into H&M and haven’t found it 😦


  2. Hurrah finally your Japan post- I’ve been waiting for this you know (like I guess with me and the Midwest post? hahaha). I really like that dress shirt- was going to get it but wished the material was a little thicker. I love the fruit print on it- makes me laugh. 😛


  3. the situation in japan is really sad and some people have lost everything – that is unimaginable for me! we donated some money, and i have to say to myself: the life has to go on!

    your lovely outfit is distributes happiness, i guess it’s because of the fruits flowers 😉 so gorgeous! regarding the opi, i’ll let you know after i have been to madrid, because i’ll check out the prizes there first – but thanks anyway!

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