Parka weather and Cantonese opera.

Parka weather and Cantonese opera.

Photographs by dear mom : )

(Zara parka, Topshop sheer top and sandals, denim short from Thailand, vintage purse from Midwest Vintage)

Hey! This is going to be a really short outfit post and a few random photos of a Cantonese Opera house near my place : P I’m a little tired from the blogging format because it takes me a lot of time to write and it kinda slows down my blog post frequency… and that sucks : ( So I guess I would go with what I feel like doing this time, sorry if you love the inspiration sections…

So, let’s talk about the outfit! The weather’s all grumpy at the moment so parka is my go-to outwear. I got this sheer peacock print top from last season last season and it’s really unique. I’m also loving these Ninja sandals from Topshop simply because they go with everything. I hope you like this outfit post!

I took these photo on my way home from the photoshoot. This is one of the oldest opera house/cinema in Hong Kong. I walk by it everyday but never really take a look inside. I was told by a nice lady that the beautiful woman – first picture above –  is actually played by a guy. Hmmm… very nice.

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  1. love that sheer dress/top paired with the parka + sandals 🙂 so pretty much everything~
    i know…can’t believe those female characters were all played my men…even in Shakespeare!
    I was going to say that I love your inspiration sections & all the images you find! I can imagine tem taking a long time b/c I sorta do that on my blizoggg and realized it is best to just go with what you feel 😀 it’s your blog after all! I admire anything that flows from your creativity~
    xo Diana

  2. first of all, loving the first picture so much! really expressive and the outfit is so lovely 🙂
    next, i just LOVE the coloring of your photos.
    now, to get back to studying… 😦

  3. oh, what a fancy shirt. i have to say that you are brave to wear this kind of shirt, in zurich everybody would stare at me like crazy 😉 but you look gorgeous!

    about your question regarding my bike: they shipped back all our furniture, so that’s why 😉

  4. This is like a perfect outfit for me. My husband would never let me walk out of the house like that. I have all this fabulous sheer lacy stuff but he just wont let me when it out sometimes. He’s afraid someone will take a photo. Love how you paired the top with the jacket.

    Enjoying your blog. I can’t wait for the next time im in hong kong so i can shop.

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