A quasi high fashion moment.

A quasi high fashion moment.

Photographs by dear mom : )

(Topshop top and wrap skirt, Messeca Coraline wedges via asos.com, American Apparel clutch and asos belt.)

I’m sorry about the slacking on text again : ( I’m not getting enough sleep lately and apparently my brain doesn’t work the way I want it to anymore… I’m working on a update post now, hopefully it’s up in a few days.
This is an outfit I had in mind for ages. I got these Coraline wedges by Messeca a while a ago, and they are just fabulous!! I tried them once with a mini skirt but they match so much better with my midi wrap skirt. It’s all about midi skirt the coming fall and winter, it’s time to get yourself acquainted with the new season’s hemine!

I hope you enjoy this post, and have a great mama’s day! Now it’s time for me to catch up on some sleep.


30 responses

  1. awwww i love your outfits : )
    happy to find one more fellow fashion-conscious hongkongers !!
    will be following ur blog from now on 😉

  2. Hi! I just checked out your blog and I love it 🙂
    And I just added your blog link on my blog. Love your wedges!

    maybe you can visit mine, la femme if you don’t mind :p thank you!

  3. I love this outfit – chic, elegant, poised = beautiful! I love to see how your style is progressing. I agree with Sam a bun really suits you. Very fresh… Miss you! Hope you can time to come and meet us soon.


  4. Your mom take good photographs 🙂
    I’ve just discovered your blog via Chictopia and I must say, brilliant styling!
    Love the shoes, the midi skirt and that clutch ❤

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