The hippie inside you and me.

The hippie inside you and me.

Photographs by dear mom : )

(H&M top and bangle, Topshop pants, Jeffrey Campbell heels, vintage necklace and Asos turban.)

*This is a post dedicated for someone I’ve loved for a very long time : )

Okay. This photos-first-text-later thing on my blog is getting horrible, gonna stop doing that : P So, how are you guys?! I’m getting so many emails from you guys lately. It makes me feel bad that I can’t reply each of you on time. (Now I miss my time being a full-time blogger…) I hope I can figure out how to balance my work life and blog life very soon!

So… a hippie-inspired outfit! I received my Jeffrey Campbell Crosby platforms last week… OMG that are so amazing! Apart from being a little heavy for my miserable size 6 feet, they are incredibly comfortable and safe to walk in. (I’m 13cm taller with these babies on, and yea I can only wear these ridiculously long pants with an extra 13cm : l )  I’m trying out something new with my hair recently, mainly because I’m too lazy to go to the hair dresser and I don’t want my hairstyle to get stuck in time (the way my mom does to her hair.) Turban is probably not my thing though – what do you think?

Have a lovely day girls, a new post is up tomorrow!


31 responses

  1. I love your clothes and I love your face, haha. Okay thats sounds creeper but I do love your style! =) I’m sure whomever you dedicated this post to love it very much in return.

  2. ooo i love the turban thing
    really been trying to do it but i feel weird hahaha and always scared its just gonna fall off. how do you get your top hair to not bunch up like underwear on top of your head!?

  3. i love how your hippie style looks – i mean you pull it off! i adore the pants, i guess i should buy them too. but i don’t like online shopping that much, it’s too complicated if the size doesn’t fit! look gorgeous! i’m already curious about your next post 😉 ..xox..

  4. You look super beautiful, those pants are really amazing in shape, colour & everything, and I’m incredibly jealous of your jeffrey campbell wedges!! (Why does e-v-e-r-y-o-n-e in the fashion bloggingg world seem to have a pair of those?) 😉

  5. this silhouette is so classy! not a lot of people can pull it off but you look so lovely and sophisticated in it. and it’s adorable your mom took these pics, she’s actually really good! sometimes i try to get my mom to take pics, she doesn’t cooperate often hehee 😉

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