Day and Night.

Day and Night.

Photographs by dear mom : )

(Unique by Topshop jumpsuit, H&M crop top, necklace, clutch and scarf, Jeffrey Campbell heels and vintage bangles.

Hey everyone! I’m so glad that I can put up this post before the end of May. I’ve always want to do a day-to-night transition styling post for you guys. I figured this long-forgotten Unique by Topshop jumpsuit would be the perfect piece for this : ) What you’re gonna see is a little bit boring, and slightly last season, but I promise that they are high practical styling. So let’s get started!

For the day look, I used the printed scarf as a headband to enhance the boho vibe. It is really easy to do and you can wrap it whatever way you want. A crop top can bring out the casualness in this outfit and make it more daytime-appropriate.

(Unique by Topshop jumpsuit, H&M blazer, necklace, clutch and scarf, Jeffrey Campbell heels and vintage bangles.)

The night look is a glam-up version of the day look. Use the scarf as belt this time to add a little shape to the baggy jumpsuit. I wore this look without the blazer because my city’s steamy hot. It works just as well!
So that’s it girls, I hope this can help : ) Stay happy and inspired!


84 responses

  1. wow…you look gorgeous…that jumpsuits is a perfect day-night transition outfit…you have styled is just perfectly..

    nabanisha @

  2. Waw, what a great idea! I love how it turned out! The day outfit is definitely my favourite! The combination of leo and stripes is so pretty.

  3. Adore the idea of using the cutoff/off the shoulder top over the jumpsuit! So chic.

    I have a question! I’ve always wanted to tie my leopard print scarf as a belt, but I think it’s too wide. How big is your scarf? Thanks!

  4. This is a GORGEOUS outfit. I love how you used the scarf to tie the first outfit into the next. Wonderful, charming, and city-chic!

  5. OOhhhhh!!!! I love your look with the long black dress! I have ZERO fashion sense and I will use your style when I go out. God bless you and your magnificent blog~!! I am SO HAPPY I found this! Your styles are so classy and worthy of high praise!

  6. Love what you did!! this is one of the ways to save money for fashion… be creative and think how many ways you can do with the piece~

  7. Wow, what a beautiful look and blog. Great to find you via FP.
    Great post, makes you think about the versatility of it all.

  8. Looks good and I think my girlfriend should have her own blog too just like yours! I’m sure when she visits your blog she’ll get good pointers too!

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