I’ve gotta change if I wanna keep you forever.

I’ve gotta change if I wanna keep you forever.

Photographs by dear mom : )

(H&M tank top and sunglasses, Free People skorts, unknown brand vest, Messeca Coraline wedges. )

Hey girls! Long time no post : P How are you!? I’m not going to say too much cox I need to catch up on some sleep : ( It will be really akward if I fall asleep at work : P  Uh Welcome to work life…
Something about this outfit – I really like the red and black combo with a camel vest on top to bring everything together. The vest is an old one I got from a local boutique, and I couldn’t find something similar that I really like. I’m also wearing my BELOVED Messeca Coraline wedges, they are just so pretty and edgy. I saw a few new colours coming out on Solestruck.com go check them out here! Personally I wouldn’t go for neons but these shoes are just so adorable : )

I have three outfits ready to post this week so stay tuned for more: )
Meanwhile, stay happy and inspired!

* Sorry for the typos. I was so completely exhausted I’ve wriiten the post entirely with typos : P Thank you for reading though : )


16 responses

  1. you must have been really sleepy cause there are so many typos! haha. nonetheless lalaallalalalove the outfit!

  2. I love your skorts! And did I ever tell you that I am completely
    and utterly smitten with your hair? Your hair always look so
    perfect!! hahah 🙂 And you are flattering me wayy too much.
    I am 5’3 ))): definitely no runway model material. But I do some
    print modeling here and there. anyways, hope you are doing
    well and that work isn’t completely draining your energy!
    always remember to rest well <333

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