La Petite.

La Petite.

Photographs by dear mom : )

(Asos dress and belt, Free People Wedges, H&M bangle and ring.)
(Nail color: Hot and Spicy by O.P.I. ; Lip color: Good to Go by MAC.)

How are you guys!? It’s been a while since my last post cox it’s been raining a lot in my city! I miss you guys : )
The other day I was told by Sam – who happens to have model height – that I’m petite. To be honest I’ve never thought about that before, but apparently 5’3″ is considered petite – a term I’m still trying to deal with.

I guess there’s nothing I can do but trying to make the best out of the 159cm of myself. It takes a lot more effort to put outfits together but thanks to those wedges and my mom’s brilliant photography skills I just got myself a super model moment : D (I don’t think I will have the guts to wear this out but I’m happy with the photo – which I’ll show to my grand kids : P

Also, I did a little Q&A with Beth from B.Jones Style and Madeline from Jean Greige for my company’s blog! They are so adorable and nice! Go read the Q&A here and here!

Stay happy and inspired!


29 responses

  1. Girl you look great!!! It doesn’t matter that you’re only 5’3″!!! I’m also 5’3″, by the way. Nothing wrong with being petite!!! 🙂 At least you can wear heels without having your head stick out of the crowd, some people have that problem!!

  2. Dude, it’s all about proportion! People always say I can carry a look because I’m tall but honestly I think if I shrunk 5 inches I could still rock the same look.

    You don’t know how many times I’ve wished I was taller so I don’t stick out so much and that I wouldn’t have to hunch over to avoid hitting my head on the subway handles -_-


  3. hehehhe.. i have to deal with the same “petite” issues. im 1.63 myself and theres no darling mom around to take wonderful pictures… so .. i guess..i just have to live with it 😛
    great outfit!! :))

  4. Your mom is clearly a brilliant photographer. These pictures are beautiful!

    Whenever people tell me I’m short, I remind them that 5’4″ is the average height for American women. So at 5’3″ we’re really not that far off…

  5. I’m 5’3 1/2 and I never thought of myself as petite. I use that term for people with small frames. Haha! Lovin the photo set here! You look so pretty! By the way, what lens are you using for your photos?

  6. i’m 5’2.75 (basically 5’3) and im always considered petite. i feel small all the time! but i have long legs and a shorter torso so i tend to look taller. it’s all about the proportion. you look amazing in everything you wear. who said people had to be giants to look great in clothes?!
    mademoiselle mimi

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