Meeting Richard Nicoll : )

Meeting Richard Nicoll : )

With Richard Nicoll and Daniel from AnyWearStyle (left).

Last Thursday I had the chance to meet with famous designer Richard Nicoll, try on his straight-out-of-runway Resort 2012 pieces and have him answered a few questions. The actual interview – which I’m still working on – will go up to Sassy Hong Kong as my first piece as a contributing writer. But I’ve saved this one for you guys – yes you guys who have to tiptoe in your platforms to get a decent photograph : P

What’s your dressing advice for petite ladies? ; )

Well, wear something short? Just kidding. Do your own adjustments on clothes and make them look good on you. I wouldn’t mind if a girl cuts off a few inches from my designs to fit herself, because creativity and individuality are highly appreciated here.

Thank you so much Electric Sekki for providing such great opportunites for online media and bloggers.

Photographs by The Style Voyager; outfit shots by sweet Priscilla@Electric Sekki.

Richard Nicoll Resort 2012 on model Codie Young.

To see theΒ  complete collection clickΒ here.

A few photos taken at the Electric Sekki cocktail party!

From left: Sam, me, Denise and Carmen from himys.

In the photos above: Tania and Melody from Elite Portraits.

Thank you everyone for the lovely evening!
Click here for more snapshots on Electric Sekki’s blog.


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