Are we bored with summer yet?

Are we bored with summer yet?

Photographs by dear mom : )

(H&M blazer, Zara silk pants, Jeffrey Campbell heels via Free People, American Apparel bandeau and Asos clutch)

It took me lots of guts to wear a bandeau out. But it took even more for me to convince my mom that it is socially acceptable to do it. Nah, it’s okay, my mom’s pretty open-minded with that : P I was just a little insecure about the meatiness on my tummy… Anyways, this look was inspired by Sam from her styling section with Electric Sekki. Go check it here.

Sam was telling me how she is bored by Summer clothes. But the thing is in Hong Kong the temperature won’t drop until November, and wearing fall stuff in August seems fairly retarted. My approach here is to balance out the heaviness of the blazer and the long pants by wearing a bandeau on top. You can also wear summer silhouettes in fall colors – if you’re getting impatient with the dreadfully long summer.

I was never that pale during summer for a very long time. It looks almost unhealthy in the middle of the summer when everyone’s so tanned. I’m so desperate for a sunny afternoon on the beach.

Have a lovely sunny day!


16 responses

  1. very bold but you totally pull it off! and meatiness, are you kiddingggg your tummy is totally fine! my mom is very accepting of all the crazy stuff i wear out too, which is nice that they’re supportive and not so traditional! πŸ™‚ anyway, i’m so used to how cold it is in seattle that when i go to hong kong even in the winter i sometimes wear short sleeves haha. so i fly to hk tonight!! planning a mini blogger get together with tania and sam and hopefully meet you too ❀

  2. PLEASE. You are not meaty- I’ll plump you up with more of my baked goods if anything.
    And yeah temperatures have to drop soon…. and you’re not online to talk about meeting up tomorrow. boo hoo!


  3. I don’t see any meaties on your tummy. I think you’ve the bod to pull of a bandeau. I like that you wore the blazer so the whole outfit is sexy, yet still appropriate enough to not get unwanted stares πŸ™‚

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