Tigerly, in a way.

Tigerly, in a way.

Photographs by dear mom : )

(Topshop top and sunglasses, H&M shorts and bangles, unknown brand vest, Jeffrey Campbell platforms.)

Eleven days have passed by without a new entry seen on The Style Voyager… that’s a perosnal record. I know you might think this girl has probably decided to quit her fashion blogger life, but well, no actually.. I’m back : ) I took some time off to figure things out and I’m genuinely sorry about the lack of updates!

I’ve been feeling terribly stressful for quite some time. Questions like – How well am I performing at work? – How many viewers and followers I have on this blog? – How to split up my precious day-offs and check point every blogger event I was invited to… and essentially, how sucessful and all arounded I am as a person! It was terribly terribly stressful, and slowly I realized I was strangling myself to death.. well .. at least metaphorically.

I took some time off also because I was running out of stuff to say. If I’m not inspired, how can I inspire my readers? That leads me to another question – What kind of blog content, eventually, do I want to present to my readers. You see, personal style blogging is among the shallowest form of fashion blogging (which is in its core a superficial business). I know this since day one, and I’m not trying to convince myself that this is anything significant. However, if I do it right I can still inspire others. That’s the reason I started The Style Voyager in the first place.

 The mission of this blog is to inspire those who take the time to stop by and read. And that’s all I want to do : ) So, dear readers, you may see some subtle changes on this blog some time soon. And I genuinely hope you will like them.

(One thing you might have noticed by now that often I couldn’t find the connection with what I wear and what I write. This is very akward but I guess in this case – a tigerly comeback? – okay I know it’s not a word, but aren’t we bloggers allowed to be creative with words?
Talk to you soon : )


17 responses

  1. I sincerely encourage you to continue with your blog if it makes you a happier person. If not, it’s nonsense. Remember it’s not anything compulsory.

    On the other hand, I really love and appreciate this kind of comments, so us, your readers, can know you a bit better the person behind the pictures.

    Anyway, take a deep breathe and take it easy. People who likes you, will wait for you!

    Can’t wait to see all those news you talked about!

    Love from Spain!

  2. i think that a personal blog is a platform to be able to reach and “meet” (sometimes physically, sometimes virtually) people you would never be able to without it. fashion itself is an art though can become shallow, but for me the true joy of blogging is the people you encounter and inspire by just being yourself. i’ve had a lot of girls email me about body image, finding happiness, etc. really deep questions that i feel honored that they would trust me with… that’s really what keeps me blogging. don’t stress about it too much! you just being you will inspire others, i’m sure it already has 🙂

  3. Fashion for me– and I’m sure many others– is a way to express who I am. Even if I’m still figuring that out, and even though its hard to dress my body type. I love your blog because you put yourself out there with your style and it inspires me to be a little more brave. I honestly would be terrified to wear tiger shorts, but you make them work so well that they don’t seem scary anymore. If you change your blog a bit, I’m sure it will still be lovely and I look forward to it, but don’t change too much. Its so great as it is now 🙂


  4. I really like reading yours and Sam’s posts not only are the photos crisp but they are very raw and real. I hope you continue blogging and that you’re able to balance all the things combined.

    Also I sent you an email! From watermoolen@Gmail.com I hope you received it! Thanks!


  5. aw im sure we’ve all been where you are, i know i have! i get stressed too if i dont feel inspired, and then i get worried if i dont have as many followers as someone else….but im trying not to focus on numbers anymore but content, and as long as i still enjoy the process than that’s all that matters 🙂
    hope you feel better soon, i i love the outfit!

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