Afternoon at Sam’s.

Afternoon at Sam’s.

Photographs by dear Sam : )

Last Sunday I spent the afternoon at Sam’s home – OMG the famous home of Sam! As my post number drops drastically this month Sam decided to help me out, so we went on a mission for photographing each other in 33 degree Hong Kong. In these pictures I was mainly wearing clothes from Sam’s closet, because I was in such a rush and didn’t prepare for the shoot : P

Despite the 15cm height difference and a on-going arguement about curves – Sam and I actually have a lot in common : )

1. Fairly akward in most social occasions.
2. Inability to deal with mathematics and sports.
3. A tendancy to speak with British accent while suffering from semi-heat strokes.

… and the list goes on…

 What I’m trying to say is, I’m glad that we found each other through the blog : )

Photographs by dear Sam : )

(H&M waistcoat and jacket, Topshop flats and Asos clutch.)

Click the picture for Sam’s blog.

Crystal interviewed me for a EIU article on Chictopia about dressing tips for petites. Uh I do not think those tips are super helpful as I tend to deny the fact that, well, I’m in that particular category : P However, Crystal managed to make a lovely article and a good selection of photos that summaries my tips. So go check it out here!

I’m trying to get more posts up this week.
Thank you for staying with me!


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