An official chill day.

Photographs by dear mom : )

(H&M jumper, unknown brand pants, Jeffrey Campbell heels and Monki hat.)

Lately I’ve been trying to write a bit but somehow I have the feeling that no one’s actually reading. I guess when it comes to a personal style blog, sometimes less is more. So that you can comment on my lovely red shoes (quoted from an email reply by Victoria Jin) without going through the writings in a painful manner. Alright, just kidding, probably if I write better you would enjoy reading it.

Okay, so my point is, I’ll just skip the writing part this time : P The outfit is pretty simple, a new H&M jumper paired with wide leg polka dot pants – which is available now at ShopStyleVoyager. I also put on my old bowler to complete the look. Yea I know, super lazy inside out.

A picture taken on a trip to the flower market for an upcoming blogger event. I can’t tell you what they’re for now, but it’s gonna be something really exciting. The colours are so beautiful together, definitely my new go to colour palette.

Have a lovely day!


18 responses

  1. I love your hat…I wish I could actually wear hats…my head has something wrong with it haha! I think you should write more stuff, I like reading things aside form the outfit. All outfits have stories I think, it’s nice to hear each story 😀

    And, yes! The color pallet is gorgeous!

  2. ooo LOVE that sweater, gonna go H&M tmr to search for it lol but HOW did you wear that?!?! It’s still so bloody hot here -.-
    YAY those flowers look really pretty..cant wait to..see..them…later 😀

  3. sometimes i feel like no one likes to read my post, just look at the pictures, so i try to keep the text very short 😦 but i read you sweetie 😉 haha

    dear did you receive my email?

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