Some thoughts on minis…

Photographs by dear mom : )

(Topshop mac and top, Zara skirt, heels courtesy of Joy & Peace)

About a year ago I realised that mini skirts are not my thing. The reason being with my height (5″3) has limited the length of my legs, and no matter how thin I get, within my healthy weight range ofcourse, my legs are still relatively short. (Feeling quite comfortable in my Size 8 body I also don’t see a need to loose weight.) I used to think by wearing something short and thus showing more legs would help the situation. But quite the opposite, mini lengths reveal just about how much I have! By realising that I gradually switched to midi and maxi lengths, and started to feel more and more uncomfortable in minis.

Well, it’s not exactly right either to avoid mini lengths from now on. Just because we are girls and we like to change with no particular reasons, we can’t help but wanting to switch things up. I came up a formular that’s quite useful for myself, hopefully for you too, and that is -to always layer something longer that would reveals the front part of your mini length but covers up the rest. Not quite getting it? Just image how boring and powerless I would look without my super mac!! Don’t worry this is no rule, I’m still sneaking in and out in my short shorts. Just when it comes to dressing up, minis are really not for me. I know for many MINI IS THE RULE. So how about just giving midi and under-the-knee length a try, you may know what I mean immediately : )

Happy, uh, mid-week?

PS: For someone who might be reading… D0 you see the cool stuff under my trench coat???
Okay, in case you’re not already a fan, go to this blog, it’s hilarious.


22 responses

  1. Absolutely love this outfit! The color combination is perfect! the pink skirt with this blouse, and the print-shoes give the look an extra edge,,, pure awesomness!

  2. wow i can’t believe it’s the first time i’m at your blog! i’m also blogging in hong kong, although i really just started for a few months but i reckon i really need to get to know everyone else! and i loveeeee your photography! i can’t believe your mom takes those photos! what camera do you use?


  3. I personally think that if your mini has a high-waist, then your legs will appear longer. But then again, my opinion comes from being a total outsider on the subject and also someone who has watched a lot of “What Not to Wear”. Its almost strange reading your posts about being petite when I am dreadfully tall, but I enjoy them all the same! Oh and I love the the greys with the hot pink in this outfit!

  4. What an interesting thought about minis. I love all lengths of skirts, midi in particular, but my thought process about skirts as a short girl (5’2″, to be precise) was the opposite… that a mini would elongate my legs, while I would drown in a maxi. The truth is, I think anyone can wear any length and it’s fun to mix things up. You’ve done a beautiful job with your pink mini, the gray top with is the perfect colour match 🙂

  5. I think that it’s interesting that you would say that wearing mini skirts is un-flattering to a short frame. I’m 5′ 1″ and I find that I can wear minis because I am short, much like comments made by Cee. Although Maxi skirts can be a winner if the cut is right – my love for them are increasing with every year.

    I find that Mid lengthed skirts tend to make me look shorter and frumpier unless I’m wearing heels. So I suppose it really does depend on how you style yourself with what ever you choose to wear.

    Lovely hot pink skirt by the way.


  6. I’m shorter than you are, and I find the same to be true about mini skirts. I do own one that I wear for a night out, but that’s about it. I do love the color combo you’ve got going on here. The pink with the leopard is so nice.

    ❤ Rachel

  7. Oh my god, Hyperbole & a Half is one of my all-time favorite blogs! (How Kenny Loggins ruined Christmas, don’t even get me started on that one!)

    Anyway, that skirt is so fantastic on you! It makes you legs, in my opinion, appear miles long. You have this incredible elongation that really translates on film.

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