New hair and a new fishtail.

Photographs by dear mom : )

(Asos fishtail skirt, Romwe vest courtesy of Sam, H&M cardi, Monki clutch, Pull and Bear flats.)

I cut my hair! Can you see that? I know it’s not a dramatic change, but hey, one step at a time.  Somehow the experience of going to a hair stylist resembles that of visiting a dentist: The interrogative question – What have you done to your hair/teeth, young lady? – which induces a lot of guilt, followed by a 4-hour treatment and a post-treatment trauma. This kinda explains why I haven’t visited a hair salon in 17 months : P You guys know me,  I’ve had this long hair on one side since I started blogging. I was a but intimidated by the idea of changing my hair up. So DO tell me what you think about this!

I’ve always wanted a fishtail skirt, but it’s an incredibly old-fashioned thing to put on, and whoever does that is running the risk of looking Paula-Tsui-ish – no offence here, she’s no doubt a great singer. I ordered this from, and I have to say that I’m really in love with it. I have relatively narrow hips. The shape of the skirt kinda put emphasis on the hips and gives me a fuller bottom, thus a more feminine figure. I know many girls in Asia struggle with wider hips, but I guess if this post doesn’t help you with what you should wear, it at least gives you an idea of what to avoid ; )

I figured a flowy top and a draped cardi would look very feminine and comfy with the skirt, and that’s exactly the mood I’m going for lately – as you can see. Thank you Sam for lending me the top, I really really like it!

17 responses

  1. I love the top, the colour and how it flows. Was really really hoping you were going for a lighter shorter bob, but love the new haircut anyway. One step at a time it is!

  2. Your hair looks great! I usually get my mom to trim my hair, but if I’m going for a more intense look I’ll have to suck it up and see a professional 😛 I actually did some layers myself recently, it was scary, but so fun at the same time.

    That skirt is very classy, like a modern take on a 40’s silhouette. My hips are way to wide for a skirt like that, but I think that somebody with average hips could pull it off nicely too. The bottom flaring out might help balance it out a bit. But that’s just a guess 🙂

  3. I’m soo in love with this skirt ❤ sadly my hips are the widest part of my body so I think this won't flatter me very much xD

    Oh dear I think your package is lost or something u_u

  4. Wowza – your mom is a great photographer! Especially loving the flowy sheer top and the overall dreamy ambiance…thanks for sharing this lovely look!

    -girls of teddy

  5. Love the haircut.

    I love every aspect of this outfit, but I had to comment on the subtle striped tank peeking out from beneath your sheer shirt. So cute! The skirt is great on your figure too.

    🙂 Jen

  6. You are such a stunner! But even more so with the new haircut 🙂 I love everything about this ensemble, but that silky red blouse absolutely takes my breath away!

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