Floral prints and vivid green.

Photographs by dear mom : )

(All from Zara.)


When I uploaded my last blog post, I was talking about how 2012 would be a great year for blogging. But since then I disappeared from the blogoshere (though being more active than ever on twitter), leaving some of my viewers totally confused. I apologize for that : ( I’ve been caught up by work, (actually more like fascinated by work,) and could not spare the energy for blogging.

Many of you may already know that I’ve recently joined a well-established contemporary conceptual art gallery in Hong Kong. It’s been a few challenging months and contemporary art is such a different world from what I used to know, and I couldn’t begin to describe how amazing the experiences I’ve had so far. The feeling of finally figured out what you want to do is truly amazing. Life will be even more busy when Master program begins in March. But I hope I can bring you a blog post at least once a week. And once again thank you for the comments and emails you guys sent me while I was away.

You might have seen all these items in your local Zara. I highly recommend these vivid green wedges, they are so beautiful and comfortable to walk in. But make sure you’re quick since they’re already flying off the shelves. The floral blouse is a bit on the pricier side. I’ve worn it for 3 times and it’s already breaking apart at the seams, so, a lovely piece to stand in. When I purchased the skirt I thought it’s gonna be adorable. But turns out the front cuts off at a unflattering length,making my thighs look thicker than usual. But I cannot deny that the cut looks sublime at the back.

So much for today, till next time : D


26 responses

  1. Even though you haven’t had time for blogging, it sounds like you’ve been having a great past few months, busy/challenging at all. It must have been so worthwhile. I hope you enjoy the beginnings of your Master program and continue to post! Love seeing your outfit photographs xx

  2. I think the skirt looks fantastic! Plus, the print of the shirt and the color of the wedges really pops with the black. Great look!

    Just found your blog via IFB. I’ll definitely be stopping back! Thanks for the inspiration!

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