Fish scale skirt and transformer sleeves.

Photographs by dear mom : )

(H&M top and skirt, Topshop coat and heels.)

This is an attempt to incorporate a scale skirt from last season into my early spring outfit. It was one of my favorite purchases from last winter, so over-the-top and pretty. To avoid looking too obviously last season, I had it paired with a sporty jersey shirt with sleek silver collar and my furry “transformer” Topshop coat from last year. The two-toned high court heels are gorgeous but staggeringly painful to wear. Finally a quick tip for shooting indoor with uneven lighting – use a reflector to avoid corpse-looking legs like mine : P

Talk to you soon!


29 responses

  1. So delicate and fragile, but oh so classy. Very stunning images you should be proud of, Love the fishcale dress too beautiful and looks great on you too.


  2. That’s too bad that the heels are painful, but they are certainly beautiful– they go really nicely with all of the textures in your outfit! It’s very feminine and it’s quite lovely seeing you in a shorter skirt. Hope that you had a good week! xx

  3. The textures incoporated into your outfit are so amazing. I am in love with the miniskirt sweetie! I am a new blogger and I would absolutley love it if you could check out my blog – Karen.

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  5. love you style, so simple yet elegant. check out for fashion tips and outfits for every occasion✿

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