Dizzy Dizzy

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Photographs by the best mom in the universe (as requested by her)

Cos top and skirt, Zara sandals and clutch, H&M cuff.

I visited the Cos store on Queen’s Road many times since it was opened in Hong Kong, but my first purchase from them only took place at their current summer sale. Just because they don’t do any fancy sequined cocktail dress, I categorized them as “pricey-minimalistic-casual-wear” Β and haven’t been motivated enough to buy anything. But I realized the thing about Cos designs is that every item has a understated chic element in it which makes them well-worth the price over time. I hope you are not getting dizzy from looking at my multi-faceted clutch and my printed skirt (Coz my mom totally did.) Speak soon!

33 responses

  1. Beautiful print in your skirt! I’m not sure if you’re familiar with his work, but the print kind of reminds me of some of Gerhard Richter paintings actually? Looking forward to seeing more, as always xx

  2. I love the COS top and skirt – the digital print is amazing. I’m the same, I adore COS but I don’t really own very many pieces from there – I have the odd t-shirt and jewellery but that’s about it. I love browsing in there though.

  3. The undertones of pink in the shirt and skirt really match- and the skirt and bag’s ‘refractive’ nature stands out. It might sound odd, but I like the wall you’re standing against… though I know from visits in Hong Kong it’s completely normal.

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  5. I love the contrast between the pull and the skirt… Top is utterly pink and that pattern on skirt mixes so perfectly.

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