Sunshine State of Mind




Photographs by dear mom : )

Vintage biker jacket, Zara top and skirt, Topshop boots.

Everyone in the city, including myself, seems a bit annoyed by the unexpected chilly and long winter in Hong Kong. When having no clue about what to wear, I always go for a pop of colour and a simple pencil skirt. It’s reassuring to know there’s always something that can work the magic. Hopefully the weather will get warmer in no time, and we can all kick start the new season very soon!

36 responses

  1. Love the colour of the jumper. Yes, I was surprised to see my family wear knitwear on a recent skype call – but it’s a nice change I think and also the winter is so short…it’ll soon be unbearably hot agains ion!

  2. Oh jeepers, heres to warmer weather then! We’re suffering from the most dreary ‘Summer’ we’ve had in ages here….. anyway lovely outfit. You’re right, the pop of colour is an easy fall-back on indecisive days hehe. E

  3. I love the combination of Red and Black. Red just gives the whole black look a nice pop of color =)

    Feel free to check out my blog if you have some time too =)

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