New hair and a new fishtail.

Photographs by dear mom : )

(Asos fishtail skirt, Romwe vest courtesy of Sam, H&M cardi, Monki clutch, Pull and Bear flats.)

I cut my hair! Can you see that? I know it’s not a dramatic change, but hey, one step at a time.  Somehow the experience of going to a hair stylist resembles that of visiting a dentist: The interrogative question – What have you done to your hair/teeth, young lady? – which induces a lot of guilt, followed by a 4-hour treatment and a post-treatment trauma. This kinda explains why I haven’t visited a hair salon in 17 months : P You guys know me,  I’ve had this long hair on one side since I started blogging. I was a but intimidated by the idea of changing my hair up. So DO tell me what you think about this!

I’ve always wanted a fishtail skirt, but it’s an incredibly old-fashioned thing to put on, and whoever does that is running the risk of looking Paula-Tsui-ish – no offence here, she’s no doubt a great singer. I ordered this from, and I have to say that I’m really in love with it. I have relatively narrow hips. The shape of the skirt kinda put emphasis on the hips and gives me a fuller bottom, thus a more feminine figure. I know many girls in Asia struggle with wider hips, but I guess if this post doesn’t help you with what you should wear, it at least gives you an idea of what to avoid ; )

I figured a flowy top and a draped cardi would look very feminine and comfy with the skirt, and that’s exactly the mood I’m going for lately – as you can see. Thank you Sam for lending me the top, I really really like it!

Vote for The Style Voyager’s Asos outfit!

Photographs by the one and only Carmen Chan

I can’t quite explain how a peaceful tea party turned out to be a best-outfit-competition. But I guess that’s the only way to engage all you lazy asses. So, without further adieu, I present you my tea party costume outfit. As expected, I went for statement pieces from head to toe, hopefully you don’t find them outshining each other.

A brief outfit breakdown – Chinese opera inspired extended sleeves top – I found the best way to wear it is to tie a loose knot with the sleeves at the back. It weighs down the drama and gives the look a very romantic finish; midi length pencil skirt with colour blocking – this should be a mid-calf length skirt but on me it’s almost ankle length. I seriously can’t care less because the colours are beautiful and the shape so very flattering. The brocade platform sandals are gorgeous and relatively comfortable to walk in; and how can one stop staring at that long polka dot clutch? Excuse my fox though, he just want to have some attention.

So are you convinced to vote for me, huh? Blink blink.

I’m just kidding : ) Go ahead and vote for the outfit you like the best, and win a £250 cash coupon to shop at! It takes only a few steps to vote so don’t get lazy on that. The competition lasts for 2 weeks. Don’t forget to check out everyone else’s blog and comment and rate!

Now click on the items to view individual piece!
I’ve spent 3 hours mapping the html, so at least click on it!Click and Shop!

Top Skirt Clutch Shoes

ASOS x HK Fashion Bloggers Tea Party

All photos by the one and only Carmen Chan except the last one.

Let me tell you something first. A few months ago Asos contacted us for a standard affliate programme, asking us to put a banner on and in return earn a percentage from others’ purchases. I told Sam and Denise, in a blogger meet up, that it is stupid. (Sorry for being honest…) But asos has kept the options open and the creative genius Sam replied to that ever-so-standard email saying “Really?! Can we propose something else?” And it kicked off our 4-month communication and preparation with Asos. I can tell you that ALOT efforts are involved, ideas, time, physical challenges – I’m referring to weight lifting in particular, HK bloggers had accomplished a very unlikely task. See how creativity and persistence has made everything look so much better? Thank you Asos for being so open-minded and supportive!

What is it all about?

The original idea is to have a few HK fashion bloggers gather together for a afternoon meet up and tea sharing – beautiful food, beautiful decorations, bird cages, traditional China, a crazy amount of flowers and many more. The idea is to combine a relaxed and beautifully decorated backdrop to show off the clothes. At the later stage of the preparation, local creatives Carmen Chan and Nathan Wong were brought in for the post production. And thanks to that our efforts have been translated into pictures and moving images. Now watch this amazing video shot and edited by Nate and his crew.

Credits of the amazing video goes to Nate and his crew – Spade, Dion, andd Brendon.

Beautiful home courtesy of Tania : )
Special thanks to Vero Chocolate and Cafe Loisl for the delicious cakes!

I was a little overwhelmed by the preparation and didn’t actually spent much time enjoying myself. But I’m sure others did and the action of clicking on their stories is highly recommanded!
A pair and a spare, Fashion Hedonism, Sam is Home, Superwowomg, T Like Bubble Tea

What is next?

What’s up next is that everyone of you is invited to participate and win a £250 asos cash coupon? Tempted? Read my next post to see how to get it!

: D

Silver and bronze jungle.

Photographs by dear mom : )

(Topshop jacket, t-shirt and sunglasses, Zara skirt, Asos heels.)

This outfit is inspired by the concrete backdrop of my city. The two shades of gray make a good contrast with printed coppery skirt, and reflects the coldness of an urban landscape. The round drop shoulder jacket and the tulip shaped skirt added softness to the shape. (My odd outfit analysis is induced by an art history reading overdose, bear with me.) You might have spotted this Zara skirt from your local branch or on blogs, for me it’s a hit-and-miss because on one hand the print and the colour are so adorable. But on the other hand it’s kinda saggy and the length’s abit awkward. In case you are pondering on this, I’d say pass on this one : ( Or you may spot it later on my closet shop : P !

I have to postphone the Fall essential post because I’ll be doing a collab with Sam. That’ll be so much fun as you’ll see the wardrobe essentials of two individuals with distinctly different style. So for those who wants to see my fall essentials, one more week, I promise. Happy Monday : D

I’ve got daisies all over me.

Photographs by dear mom : )

(H&M dress as top, Topshop skirt, Jeffrey Campbell heels, Asos clutch, Zara Scarf.)

The last time I’ve put on this much flowers, I was probably about 5 years old, performing for my kindergarten talent show. Because my mom adores androgynous style, my childhood and teenage wardrobe was filled with minimalistic menswear inspired clothes that are usually in the colours of  black, khaki, a very ugly blue and a even worse green- which I’m not going into details with. Lace and florals and such were pretty much abscent.

You know when they say if you’re kept away from something in a younger age, you will seek for those more in adulthood. (I believe there’s a proper idiom for this expression, but since English is not my native language – which I cannot stress enough, I can only put it this way. If you guys know the proper expression for that, please please please let me know I’m very eager to learn.) My point is, quite ironically, a lack of creativity and femininity in my teenage years might have inspired me to start this blog at all. And I often find myself drooling over super feminine cuts and details when it comes to clothes. I know a friend of mine who has the exact opposite situation. When she was a kid her mom put her in all these princess dresses, and now she ONLY wears pants. How ironic is that?

Okay, now back to the outfit. I said goodbye to my H&M 3D flower dress, and cut it into a cute crop top. I love the flower details and was bored with the cut. I think now it works great with a high waisted pencil skirt – one of my must-haves for fall. And yea, that skirt looks very familiar, no? (hint: Sportmax fall – I love that collection!) Well no, it’s by Topshop : P I had to a get one size bigger because it was sold out in only a few days! The lace details are just adorable and the colour so vivid. I hope you like this early fall outfit, and I’ll talk to you soon!

Caramel covered strawberries with cream and chocolate sauce.

Photographs by dear mom : )

(H&M Vest and dress, Asos leather clutch and heels.)

Uh… blogging at 4a.m. makes me crave for sugar, therefore the title of this post. So if you got into this page by searching food-related terms, big apology here. This outfit was inspired by the beautiful and delicious colour palette of Lanvin’s fall collection- bright reds, champagne, toffee and chic black and white. I love the softness in these shades and when put together, they are always in harmony. A similar colour palette from Brioni’s Spring 11 collection caught my eyes since last year, and I just couldn’t help myself but looking for these lovely shades.
I got everything from early this year except the toffee coloured sleeveless trench. I think you can still get it in H&M by the time this post is published. I hope you’ll have a great weekend and a heavy dose of sweets : P

Lanvin fw2011
Photo source:

No balloon for a 24-year-old.

Photographs by dear mom : )

(Diane Von Furstenberg dress via, Asos clutch and bangle, Unknow brand wedges.)

Okay, this is just gonna be a quick post on my birthday outfit. I ordered this DVF dress especially for my birthday! Personally I  think it’s a very pretty dress, the only problem was the size 2 dress is way too big for me I had to ask my mom to chop off 3 inches… ( sorry Ms. DVF, I didn’t mean to alter your design. But I’m kind of a midget you know.. ) The Asos clutch is lovely and I would probably order it in another colour.

By the way, thank you again everyone for the lovely gifts! I’ve never received so many birthday gifts in my life as my birthday was always in the summer holiday back in school days : P Thank you so much, I’m absolutely in love with everything that was gifted to me!

I really really wish I can have the time to write more, reply comments and emails… but at the moment it’s just kinda difficult : ( I hope you had a lovely weekend!

Going retro green.

Going retro green.

Photographs by Liyo Wu

(Topshop wrap skirt, Asos Clutch, Free People Platforms, unknown brand blouse and H&M Sunglasses.)

It has been a very busy and depressing week for me, for a few days I had the feeling that I just lost control of my own life. But there are moments in life when friends and family can really save you life, and I’m genuinely grateful for their kind words and patients . (And I know I should have spent more time with these people who has always been there for me..)

Okay I almost forget this is a fashion-related blog : P

The color-blocking trends has finally died down – there were quite some out-of-our-minds moments this Spring Summer and I’m glad that we’re all sane again : P The colors are still around, but much muted in the late summer. I found this blouse in a local fast fashion store (Maple f.y.i.) for only HK$109, but I quite like the material and the cut. (Though I’m pretty sure it’s a copy from something much pricier.) I wasn’t sure about wearing anything green because they look tacky against my skin color, but for some reason this shade of green works pretty well. This outfit is definitely a personal favourite : )

Big thanks to Liyo for making these photos! They are really great : )

Have a great day : ) Stay happy and inspired! (Cheesy)

La Petite.

La Petite.

Photographs by dear mom : )

(Asos dress and belt, Free People Wedges, H&M bangle and ring.)
(Nail color: Hot and Spicy by O.P.I. ; Lip color: Good to Go by MAC.)

How are you guys!? It’s been a while since my last post cox it’s been raining a lot in my city! I miss you guys : )
The other day I was told by Sam – who happens to have model height – that I’m petite. To be honest I’ve never thought about that before, but apparently 5’3″ is considered petite – a term I’m still trying to deal with.

I guess there’s nothing I can do but trying to make the best out of the 159cm of myself. It takes a lot more effort to put outfits together but thanks to those wedges and my mom’s brilliant photography skills I just got myself a super model moment : D (I don’t think I will have the guts to wear this out but I’m happy with the photo – which I’ll show to my grand kids : P

Also, I did a little Q&A with Beth from B.Jones Style and Madeline from Jean Greige for my company’s blog! They are so adorable and nice! Go read the Q&A here and here!

Stay happy and inspired!

We see things as we are.

We see things as we are.

Photographs by dear mom (with a brand new Canon F1.4 50mm lens!)

( cut-out detailed dress (as a top here) and platform heels, H&M bright red full skirt, Topshop sunglasses and Nataliaraya sterling silver jewelry, nail polish – St. Petersburgundy by O.P.I.)

Spring is quite a feminine season for me, in terms of dressing up. It’s the perfect season for items like midi skirts and 3/4 sleeves tops. I found this hot red full skirt in H&M.  I was amazed by how much visual drama it creates, definitely a must-have piece for every girl. Not gonna talk too much this time, the post is getting longer each time : P

Photo source: / Jewelry by Natalia Araya

You’ve probably noticed these lovely jewels by now. They are all handmade pieces by a very talented young (and beautiful :0 ) artist from Costa Rica – Natalia Araya. I’ve been a huge fan of her designs, and these little Ojitos are my favourites from her. Visit her blog to see how she works her magic : D (More features coming up in the next post!)

Runway inspirations

(From left: Etro Spring 2011 RTW, Brioni Spring 2011 RTW, Miu Miu Spring 2011 RTW )
Photo source:

It’s all on the shoulders! Etro’s beautiful ethnic designs for Spring has all the desirable shoulder details. Oh and the puffy sleeves; It’s about time to get rid of the winter shades and put on some Hot red! I’m loving this dress from Brioni’s Spring collection; This black dress by Miu Miu with latticework details on the neckline is a piece of highly-wearable art.

Street inspirations

(From left: Fancytreehouse, TwitchVintage, HallieDaily)
Photo source:

All these womanly full skirts are absolutely beautiful. Dreamy neutrals or bold bright colours, a full skirt is always the best girly solution : )


Get the look now!

(1.Cooperative textured knit skirt via;
2.Premium Pleated midi skirt from Topshop;3.Trudel Sunglass from American Apparel; 4.Asos Heights tie back high sandals; 5.RIVA Black Faux Snakeskin Strappy Sandals via Topshop; 6.Vero Moda Cut Out Detail Waisted Dress via

Have a lovely weekend!

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