I’ve got daisies all over me.

Photographs by dear mom : )

(H&M dress as top, Topshop skirt, Jeffrey Campbell heels, Asos clutch, Zara Scarf.)

The last time I’ve put on this much flowers, I was probably about 5 years old, performing for my kindergarten talent show. Because my mom adores androgynous style, my childhood and teenage wardrobe was filled with minimalistic menswear inspired clothes that are usually in the colours of  black, khaki, a very ugly blue and a even worse green- which I’m not going into details with. Lace and florals and such were pretty much abscent.

You know when they say if you’re kept away from something in a younger age, you will seek for those more in adulthood. (I believe there’s a proper idiom for this expression, but since English is not my native language – which I cannot stress enough, I can only put it this way. If you guys know the proper expression for that, please please please let me know I’m very eager to learn.) My point is, quite ironically, a lack of creativity and femininity in my teenage years might have inspired me to start this blog at all. And I often find myself drooling over super feminine cuts and details when it comes to clothes. I know a friend of mine who has the exact opposite situation. When she was a kid her mom put her in all these princess dresses, and now she ONLY wears pants. How ironic is that?

Okay, now back to the outfit. I said goodbye to my H&M 3D flower dress, and cut it into a cute crop top. I love the flower details and was bored with the cut. I think now it works great with a high waisted pencil skirt – one of my must-haves for fall. And yea, that skirt looks very familiar, no? (hint: Sportmax fall – I love that collection!) Well no, it’s by Topshop : P I had to a get one size bigger because it was sold out in only a few days! The lace details are just adorable and the colour so vivid. I hope you like this early fall outfit, and I’ll talk to you soon!

One blogger’s trash is another blogger’s treasure.

One blogger’s trash is another blogger’s treasure.

Photographs by dear mom : )

(Lomography La Sardina camera, Topshop top, skirt and sunglasses, H&M heels, Vintage scarf.)
(Nail colour: Dating a Royal by O.P.I.)

Isn’t El Capitan the perfect accessory for summer?! haha, honestly I think the camera’s adorble. It’s great for self-protraits because of its super wide angle lens, and with the flash (not to mention the adorable colour filters) it’s just perfect for night out with friends – not that I have any : P I’m making photos with it and hopefully I can develop them asap- fingers crossed :l

I got this skirt from a Swap Party hosted by Tania from T Like Bubble Tea,  seriously, why aren’t swap parties EVERYWHERE!? It’s just so much fun. We all have cute clothes that for some reasons we just wouldn’t wear anyone, and why not swap them with others! This cute pleated skirt is the perfect example of – one blogger’s trash is another blogger’s treasure : P

If you live in Hong Kong and somehow interested in Swap parties, drop me a line or suggest a venue, let see if things would work out!
Stay happy and inspired! Until next time : )

Thank you Lomography : )

We see things as we are.

We see things as we are.

Photographs by dear mom (with a brand new Canon F1.4 50mm lens!)

(Asos.com cut-out detailed dress (as a top here) and platform heels, H&M bright red full skirt, Topshop sunglasses and Nataliaraya sterling silver jewelry, nail polish – St. Petersburgundy by O.P.I.)

Spring is quite a feminine season for me, in terms of dressing up. It’s the perfect season for items like midi skirts and 3/4 sleeves tops. I found this hot red full skirt in H&M.  I was amazed by how much visual drama it creates, definitely a must-have piece for every girl. Not gonna talk too much this time, the post is getting longer each time : P

Photo source: Nataliaraya.com / Jewelry by Natalia Araya

You’ve probably noticed these lovely jewels by now. They are all handmade pieces by a very talented young (and beautiful :0 ) artist from Costa Rica – Natalia Araya. I’ve been a huge fan of her designs, and these little Ojitos are my favourites from her. Visit her blog www.gravitando.wordpress.com to see how she works her magic : D (More features coming up in the next post!)

Runway inspirations

(From left: Etro Spring 2011 RTW, Brioni Spring 2011 RTW, Miu Miu Spring 2011 RTW )
Photo source: Style.com

It’s all on the shoulders! Etro’s beautiful ethnic designs for Spring has all the desirable shoulder details. Oh and the puffy sleeves; It’s about time to get rid of the winter shades and put on some Hot red! I’m loving this dress from Brioni’s Spring collection; This black dress by Miu Miu with latticework details on the neckline is a piece of highly-wearable art.

Street inspirations

(From left: Fancytreehouse, TwitchVintage, HallieDaily)
Photo source: Chictopia.com

All these womanly full skirts are absolutely beautiful. Dreamy neutrals or bold bright colours, a full skirt is always the best girly solution : )


Get the look now!

(1.Cooperative textured knit skirt via urbanoutfitter.com;
2.Premium Pleated midi skirt from Topshop;3.Trudel Sunglass from American Apparel; 4.Asos Heights tie back high sandals; 5.RIVA Black Faux Snakeskin Strappy Sandals via Topshop; 6.Vero Moda Cut Out Detail Waisted Dress via Asos.com)

Have a lovely weekend!

A little bit of Spring Attitude.

A little bit of Spring Attitude.

Photographs by dear mom : )

(Topshop salmon pink jumper, Asos.com sunglasses and pants, H&M leopard print scarf, Max oxford flats.)

As I said before, it’s time for a change! It’s not that I’m gonna throw away my Maxis and camels, but I need a bit of sanity with how I dress while spending time with my 80-year-old grandparents : )  I’m wearing this lovely lovely Topshop jumper and these dark blue harem-ish Asos pants. I’m wearing my leopard print scarf as belt (mainly for practical reason… I lost 5 pounds in Vienna!!) and it looks chic : ) As you can see I’m wearing these lovely oxford flats finally! They are so adorable and comfy.

Ohhh! Tonight is the Chinese New Year Eve, and guess what!!! The coming year is the Rabbit year!! It’s my year!! (If you’re not Chinese,and you have no clue what I’m talking about,  google Chinese Horoscope.) Can’t believe I’m gonna be 24 in the summer : o Time is mean : (

Okay, I’m gonna go, and I wish you Happy Chinese New Year! : )

In my red high heels

The silhouette of this outfit is very Asian. With the loose-fitting pants and the cutting of the top resembling Mandarin gown in a way, the outfit keeps reminding me of a lady from Shanghai back in the old days. These bright red heels have given an extra hint of orientalism to the look. I love the boldness and the harmony. Hope you’ll like it too!

Photographs by Ashleigh West

Lace scallop top from H&M
Baggy Harem pants from Topshop
Red high heels from H&M
Ring from Topshop

: D

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