Travelogue: A home in Barcelona.

By Sybil Kot














This is a selection of photos of my trip to Spain. We stayed in an amazing apartment in the centre of Barcelona where we found the best kitchen in the world. During our 4-day stay in the place, we tried two really good Jamie Oliver recipes – thus the #foodporn photos (you can find them in the year book.) This post is really personal and is nothing more than to share with you some beautiful images. If you are visiting Barcelona and might be interested in booking the place, contact the host here

Fish scale skirt and transformer sleeves.

Photographs by dear mom : )

(H&M top and skirt, Topshop coat and heels.)

This is an attempt to incorporate a scale skirt from last season into my early spring outfit. It was one of my favorite purchases from last winter, so over-the-top and pretty. To avoid looking too obviously last season, I had it paired with a sporty jersey shirt with sleek silver collar and my furry “transformer” Topshop coat from last year. The two-toned high court heels are gorgeous but staggeringly painful to wear. Finally a quick tip for shooting indoor with uneven lighting – use a reflector to avoid corpse-looking legs like mine : P

Talk to you soon!

Oh you beautiful HKers : ) Snapshot collection #1

Oh you beautiful HKers : ) Snapshot collection #1

*Making street photos is addictive, so I’ve decided to make it a regular section of my blog.
(Comes out every sunday evening.)

Oh I’m so happy with these lovely snapshots! Great job HKers : ) Keep on smiling!

Shooting dates: 27th-28th, November 2010
Location: Central (Hong Kong Photography Festival and deTour 2010)

Mr. Jiro Hirano and his art project for deTour 2010.

All photographs by The Style Voyager
: D

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