All those beautiful pearls.

All those beautiful pearls.

Photographs by dear mom (I know you’re spying on me in your office, now go back to work!)

(Topshop stripes cardigan and straw hat, H&M top and belt, American Apparel high-waisted short, Vintage handbag and unknown brand pink peep toe, jewellery by Nataliaraya.)

This outfit is probably not very me… I mean Barbie peep toes? Princess pink? Shorts!!? Well, I’m open to all options you know. I’m loving these American Apparel shorts. They are probably the only pair of shorts that I would ever want to wear, because the bottom of the shorts are so wide they actually look like a skirt. (I got one size too big though, click here to see what I mean.) The pink heels are old ones, so if you want something like that I would suggest a pair with concealed platforms.

Photo source: / Jewelry by Natalia Araya

Here you go the second part of the jewellery feature. These delicate little pearl and silver flowers are Natalia’s signiture  designs, simple but they’ll never run out of fashion. She doesn’t know yet but I’m gonna ask her to design my wedding jewelry (NOT that I’m getting married anytime soon.) : P
Apparently the artist is on vacation at the moment, but don’t hesitate to leave her message if you want something. Check out her Blog/Etsy Shop/Facebook Page.

Runway inspirations

(From left: Marc Jacobs Spring 2011; SoniaRykiel Spring 2011; Diane Von Furstenberg Spring 2011) Photo source:

Marc Jacobs’ collection is probably my favourite show for Spring 2011, he really knows how to dress up a girl and make her feel pretty, even in the simplest clothes; I don’t really understand fashion, but Sonia Rykiel’s clothes make me happy. I mean, what are you looking for, if not good feelings? I have mixed feelings on DVF’s Spring collection, but the bold print and these skorts(?) have won me over.

Street inspirations

(From left: Aileen Clarisse, Jean Greige, Haiku Ambulance )
Photo source:

I’m so inspired by these effortlessnesses! It seems there’re many playful stripes and straw hats in the fashion blogosphere, go to the Style Icons‘ blogs to see more : )

Get the look now!

(1.Paul Smith Crashed Straw Hat via Asos.com2. Dezenzo Peep Toe Heels by Aldo; 3.Corsage Band Cowboy Hat by Topshop; 4.Miss KG Blanche Shoes via; 5.Knitted Navy Chunky Stripe Open Cardigan by Topshop; 6.Stretch Bull Denim High-Waisted Cuff Shorts)

Have a nice day!

Sunset on the Danube

Sunset on the Danube

Photographs by tituz

Walking on the beautiful streets of the former capital of a gigantic empire, one can never be disappointed by the well-dressedness of its senior citizens. All their fancy fur coats, clouch hats and dainty handbags had made me jealous everytime when I walk down the Mariahilfer Straße. This look is inspired, from head to toe, by the stylish old ladies in Vienna. The gloves, the hat, the fur collar and little handbag (which is perfect to punch your gentleman right at the belly.) The way they pay attention to details is very 1920s.
That was a lovely afternoon. We took a walk along the Danube River and then to the Cafe Central for a piece Sachertorte. I call it the Viennese perfection.

Faux fur collar cardigan from Topshop
Maxi pleats skirt from a boutique in Tsim Sha Tsui
Wedges from Jeffrey Campbell
Hat, gloves and tights from H&M
Vintage handbag from flee market

Inspired by the winter sun.

Inspired by the winter sun.

Photographs by tituz

Growing up in a sub-tropical concrete jungle like Hong Kong I’ve never quite realise the importance of sunlight (cox there’s either too much sunlight you want to get rid of it or you’re staying indoor all the time anyways.) But here in the middle of Europe, the sun is really affecting everyone’s life. This afternoon we took a walk along the Mariahilfer Straße (the main shopping street in Vienna), the weather was so lovely. The temperature is still low, but Spring is just around the corner. I’m slowing building up a ‘transitional’ wardrobe for the upcoming days.

In these photos I paired a cozy cable kintted jumper from Topshop with my sheer Asos lace skirt to reduce the heaviness of winter clothing. I’m also wearing my Jeffrey Campbell wedges with some H&M black tights. Accessory-wise I’m wearing a warm cable knitted scarf from Topshop. Oh, and one of my new faves: the grandma handbag from flee market.

Cable knitted top from Topshop
Scarf from Topshop
Sheer skirt form
Wedges from Jeffrey Campbell
Tights from H&M
Vintage handbag from flee market

It’s time to post a protrait of the man behind the camera and the loving boyfriend of mine : P, looking nice and stylish in his American Apparel coat and H&M scarf.

After the shooting he took me to a shoe store and ‘forced’ me to get these Oxford flats. Reason? ‘High heels are really bad for your feet! And everything you have are with heels.’ What should I say : P
Thank you babe.

Have a nice day : )


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