Travelogue: A home in Barcelona.

By Sybil Kot














This is a selection of photos of my trip to Spain. We stayed in an amazing apartment in the centre of Barcelona where we found the best kitchen in the world. During our 4-day stay in the place, we tried two really good Jamie Oliver recipes – thus the #foodporn photos (you can find them in the year book.) This post is really personal and is nothing more than to share with you some beautiful images. If you are visiting Barcelona and might be interested in booking the place, contact the host here

Alpine fantasy

Alpine fantasy

Photographs by tituz

Well, the Alps looks magnificant all year round. But when the sun finally comes out after days of snowing, it’s a fantasyland. We are shooting outside the cozy Tyrolean house of my boyfriend’s family, and the temperature was -4°C. ( I was actually freezing my ass off… )  I’m wearing a cream colour bandeau dress from H&M. To stop the outfit from going way too cheesy, I added my favourite Topshop boyfriend jacket, and cinched it up with the black ribbon/belt that comes with the dress. Feminine? Boyish? I don’t even know anymore : P Hope you enjoy this outfit and the pictures! (Thanks babe, they are phenomenal.)

Boyfriend jacket from Topshop
Bandeau dress from H&M
Lace up boots from
Tights and golden bangle from H&M

: D

A lovely surprise!

I’m featured on the front page of Chictopia!
I uploaded my first picture on Chictopia last night, and this monring my photo is on their front page 😮 I’m addicted to the website at the moment…

Merry Christmas : )

Merry Christmas : )

Photographs by tituz

Merry Christmas from the beautiful Alps : ) Lately it’s really bad weather throughout Europe and I wish the sun will shine really soon. I’m wearing a brick red blazer from H&M (which is strictly for indoor occasions only) and a floral skirt from Topshop. I’m also wearing gold jewelry and heavy gold gliters on my eye makeup. As Carrie Bradshaw said, we all need some sparkles in life ; ) Forgive those extra fat on my belly, I’m currently being fed like livestock by my boyfriend’s mom… (with incredibly delicious Tyrolean food : 0 )

Brick red jacket from H&M
Bralet from Unique by Topshop
Floral skirt from Topshop
Bowler hat from
Tights from H&M
Jewelry from & H&M
Nail polish – Glitzerland by O.P.I.

: D

This months feature is a young musician who´s definetly worth to look out for. Jacques Greene is a 21 year old kid from Montreal producing tracks that seem to stuck somewhere between House and Dubstep. “The Look” which is the title track of his first EP released on LuckyMe starts off deeply and keeps us there until the kickdrum comes in and concentrated streams of synths are pushing it to the climax. The Video comes with models Nicole Brand and Bobbi Kay so you fashion bloggers have something to kick about! 😉 / tituz

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