Ports 1961 Spring Summer Collection

PORTS03Powerful display of Ports 1961 Spring Summer collection at ArtisTree.

PORTS02The mid-thigh length boyfriend shirt is a tribute to the iconic blouse the brand was built on.

PORTS04Designer Fiona Cibani draws on panoramic photographic vistas of desert, sun and sky to express the free spirit of the collection.

PORTS07Drop shoulder satin top matched with double lace A-line shirt – Ports 1961’s essential sporty femininity.


PORTS01Soothing desert color palette of sand, off-white and champagne.

PORTS05 Vivid color palette and again the desert landscape.

Ports 1961 launched their Spring Summer 2014 collection in Hong Kong last week at ArtisTree. The brand created an almost museum exhibition experience for visitors and for a second I believed those are beautiful art works on display.

The Women’s Collection designed by Fiona Cibani was inspired by Michaelangelo Antonion’s 1970 film Zabriskie Point. The designer draws on panoramic photographic vistas of desert, sun and sky to express the free spirit of adventure with her Spring/ Summer2014 Collection. The entire collection seems to be made for someone like me, the sporty cut, the really feminine dresses and skirts and the beautiful heeled sandals – can’t wait to see the new season in store! Check out more about their Spring Summer collection here.

La Sardina Launch Party @ Lomography HK

La Sardina Launch Party @ Lomography HK

Last Thursday I was invited to a launch party at Sheung Wan Lomography gallery store, for their brand new – La Sardina – camera. I was really really surprised when I got their invitation email!

I’ve always been a huge fan of Lomography. Not only do I own seven Lomo cameras (Fisheye, Horizon Kompakt, LC-A, Colorsplash, Diana, Holga and Super Sampler), I even put all of them into my backpack and went on a trip to Europe for 80 days. (Yea, that’s also how my knee problem get  started.) What I’m trying to say is, I’m so glad that I got the chance to attend the launch party through The Style Voyager.

I’m still not 100% sure why they got me (or fashion bloggers in general), but I guess it’s because the appearance of La Sardina is very much a fashion accessory, more so than other Lomographic cameras, so they got the idea of incorporating fashion into the party – just a wild guess. But I like the idea of blending the camera into your outfit (or on the other hand, build your outfit around the camera).

The concept of the party is really fun. The gallery store at Po Yan Street was turned into a fish market (Okay I don’t know what they did but the whole place smells like fish) with fish bucket and fishing nets lying around. It was so much fun to have everyone dressed up for the theme – fisherman, though most of them ended up looking sailor-ish. I can tell that they have put a lot of thoughts into the party and it worked out (amazingly).

So thank you everyone @Lomography for the lovely evening and El Capitan! I would have purchased it myself cox a real fan doesn’t miss a thing!

Special thanks to Justin, Edwin and the lovely young lady in floral jumpsuit for showing me around and answering my questions : P Uh I’m bad with names : ( But you’re all really really sweet! Again, thank you for having me in your party!

Photographs by me.

I was having a bad skin day so no photos of me at the event : P  ( Don’t hate on me.) But I’ve put together another outfit with El Capitan as my main accessory. Stay tuned : )

Last but not least – a stolen picture from Lomography Asia’s Facebook Page.

: P

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