Are we bored with summer yet?

Are we bored with summer yet?

Photographs by dear mom : )

(H&M blazer, Zara silk pants, Jeffrey Campbell heels via Free People, American Apparel bandeau and Asos clutch)

It took me lots of guts to wear a bandeau out. But it took even more for me to convince my mom that it is socially acceptable to do it. Nah, it’s okay, my mom’s pretty open-minded with that : P I was just a little insecure about the meatiness on my tummy… Anyways, this look was inspired by Sam from her styling section with Electric Sekki. Go check it here.

Sam was telling me how she is bored by Summer clothes. But the thing is in Hong Kong the temperature won’t drop until November, and wearing fall stuff in August seems fairly retarted. My approach here is to balance out the heaviness of the blazer and the long pants by wearing a bandeau on top. You can also wear summer silhouettes in fall colors – if you’re getting impatient with the dreadfully long summer.

I was never that pale during summer for a very long time. It looks almost unhealthy in the middle of the summer when everyone’s so tanned. I’m so desperate for a sunny afternoon on the beach.

Have a lovely sunny day!

The hippie inside you and me.

The hippie inside you and me.

Photographs by dear mom : )

(H&M top and bangle, Topshop pants, Jeffrey Campbell heels, vintage necklace and Asos turban.)

*This is a post dedicated for someone I’ve loved for a very long time : )

Okay. This photos-first-text-later thing on my blog is getting horrible, gonna stop doing that : P So, how are you guys?! I’m getting so many emails from you guys lately. It makes me feel bad that I can’t reply each of you on time. (Now I miss my time being a full-time blogger…) I hope I can figure out how to balance my work life and blog life very soon!

So… a hippie-inspired outfit! I received my Jeffrey Campbell Crosby platforms last week… OMG that are so amazing! Apart from being a little heavy for my miserable size 6 feet, they are incredibly comfortable and safe to walk in. (I’m 13cm taller with these babies on, and yea I can only wear these ridiculously long pants with an extra 13cm : l )  I’m trying out something new with my hair recently, mainly because I’m too lazy to go to the hair dresser and I don’t want my hairstyle to get stuck in time (the way my mom does to her hair.) Turban is probably not my thing though – what do you think?

Have a lovely day girls, a new post is up tomorrow!

Layering with Parka.

Layering with Parka.

Photographs by dear mom : )

(Zara parka, Monki denim shirt, Vintage mens plaid shirt from Prague, Jeffrey Campbell wedges and Topshop hot pants.)

Lately I’ve been trying different things out, for example, a parka. I know it sounds ridiculous, but this is the first time I put on a parka (mainly because my mom used to call it the homeless jacket).  It’s so versatile and comfortable I don’t ever want to take it off again. (Which makes me wonder if the homeless people actually put on their parka before or after they became homeless.. you see what I mean?) – Alright, that’s a lot of useless information.
Back to the outfit, I’m wearing the parka over a denim shirt over a plaid shirt. It’s a bit bulky to layer on three button-up tops so I went bare-legged to balance it out (and in case you’re wondering, I had pants on!) I hope you enjoy this post!

Runway inspirations

(From left: Sportmax Spring 2011; Dior Spring 2011; Michael Kors Spring 2011)
Photo source:

I really like the whole sportswear trend, I’m not a sporty girl but it looks fun and chic. My outfit was pretty much inspired by the Dior Spring 2011 opening look by Karlie Kloss, minus the flirty sailor effect. (The fact that there won’t be another Galliano+Karlie Kloss opening for Dior is killing me… ) I’m also loving this sportmax coat, and the flat platform sandals and knitted socks combination by Michael Kors. (Angelica if you’re reading… it’s just a personal taste thing ; ) I love your blog!)

Street inspirations

(From left: Jean Greige; B. Jones Style; Hallie Daily)
Photo source:

Jean Greige is probably my new favourite in the style blogosphere cause she’s a natural. Love her shoes and ankle socks in this outfit! (Go to her blog now for this really fun DIY turbeanie tutorial!); Don’t know about you guys, but I’d been following The Vintage Society, Beth’s “previous” website, for many years before she started B. Jones Style. She’s such a inspiration for me, and this army green maxi looks perfect on her; I love how Hallie can pull off such a huge amount of leopard prints. It’s very lovely photo, and you know what!? Chinese girls are pretty amazing : P

Get the look now!

(1.Levi’s Fish Tail Cropped Parka via; 2.Perrin Premium Platform Sandals via Topshop; 3.BDG Classic Plaid Breezy Button-Down Shirt via; 4.Jeffrey Campbell Perforated Wedge via; 5.Urban Renewal Vintage Cut-Off Denim Vest via; 6.Zara Hooded Parka)

In my red high heels

The silhouette of this outfit is very Asian. With the loose-fitting pants and the cutting of the top resembling Mandarin gown in a way, the outfit keeps reminding me of a lady from Shanghai back in the old days. These bright red heels have given an extra hint of orientalism to the look. I love the boldness and the harmony. Hope you’ll like it too!

Photographs by Ashleigh West

Lace scallop top from H&M
Baggy Harem pants from Topshop
Red high heels from H&M
Ring from Topshop

: D

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