ASOS x HK Fashion Bloggers Tea Party

All photos by the one and only Carmen Chan except the last one.

Let me tell you something first. A few months ago Asos contacted us for a standard affliate programme, asking us to put a banner on and in return earn a percentage from others’ purchases. I told Sam and Denise, in a blogger meet up, that it is stupid. (Sorry for being honest…) But asos has kept the options open and the creative genius Sam replied to that ever-so-standard email saying “Really?! Can we propose something else?” And it kicked off our 4-month communication and preparation with Asos. I can tell you that ALOT efforts are involved, ideas, time, physical challenges – I’m referring to weight lifting in particular, HK bloggers had accomplished a very unlikely task. See how creativity and persistence has made everything look so much better? Thank you Asos for being so open-minded and supportive!

What is it all about?

The original idea is to have a few HK fashion bloggers gather together for a afternoon meet up and tea sharing – beautiful food, beautiful decorations, bird cages, traditional China, a crazy amount of flowers and many more. The idea is to combine a relaxed and beautifully decorated backdrop to show off the clothes. At the later stage of the preparation, local creatives Carmen Chan and Nathan Wong were brought in for the post production. And thanks to that our efforts have been translated into pictures and moving images. Now watch this amazing video shot and edited by Nate and his crew.

Credits of the amazing video goes to Nate and his crew – Spade, Dion, andd Brendon.

Beautiful home courtesy of Tania : )
Special thanks to Vero Chocolate and Cafe Loisl for the delicious cakes!

I was a little overwhelmed by the preparation and didn’t actually spent much time enjoying myself. But I’m sure others did and the action of clicking on their stories is highly recommanded!
A pair and a spare, Fashion Hedonism, Sam is Home, Superwowomg, T Like Bubble Tea

What is next?

What’s up next is that everyone of you is invited to participate and win a £250 asos cash coupon? Tempted? Read my next post to see how to get it!

: D

Tease tease tease.

Hey everyone! I hope you had a great National holiday!
I’m sharing with you a homemade teaser for an upcoming event which all of you are invited to participate. Can’t tell much now, but make sure you will check back on October 3rd for a lovely surprise!

Special thanks to all HK bloggers who worked together to make this work.
Let’s get the party started!

Let me tell you something about Lomography.

First a big shout out to everyone @Lomography! Their efforts to engage bloggers and users are so inspiring I cannot begin to explain my excitements and appreciations.

The Lomography Sheung Wan gallery store was re-opened after a fancy makeover. ( Let me refresh your memory about the old interior here. ) Now everything is modern, bright and refreshing – though I still very much in love with the old one of its soft lighting and retro touch.

Sam and I, along with many HK bloggers, were invited to a mysterious party called Austria Calling. The party began with a presentation where they reacquainted us with the origin and ideas of Lomography with amazing photos and a lovely story of how it all started. So, basically, to put it in their own wording – What the hell is Lomography? As a long time fan myself, I was really inspired by the presentation to put away my DSLR for a moment and start the multi-camera-bearing actions all over again.

And just as if they could read my mind! We were then invited to a night time adventure and try out the new Lomography camera – SprocketRocket. I love love love the sprocket look on the images, seriously, how much cooler can it get : P It has multiple exposure function and super wide angle lens, and you only need the regular 35mm film to shoot with. It’s like all my favourite features  has come in one camera, plus the super cool sprocket look…. Speaking from my own experience, some of the lomography cameras, for example Fisheye and Colorsplash, gets a bit boring after a while because of its limited features. But I have the feeling that the versatile SprocketRocket’s gonna stay a favourite for quite some time.

A quick reminder to Lomography’s golden rule no. 8 &9.

8. You don’t have to know beforehead what you’ve captured on film…
9. …and you don’t necessarily have to know afterwards, either.

You can tell we’ve been very good bloggers to follow these lomography rules : )And even as pretentious as we bloggers are, we went all out with the crazy faces and quirky moves. Because you know, who cares? You’re not gonna see what had happened in a week or so. Sigh.

Thank you again everyone @Lomography, especially Justin, Edwin, Winki and Jodie – or whoever you are, Mustache girl. I’m so so looking forward to the upcoming projects! Props to the good work!

Bloggers in action: Sam, JJ, Jasmine, Daniel, Priscilla.
You can also click here to read Sam’s lomo party post  and here to read the wanderlister’s.

Have a great day : D

Epic twenty-four.

Epic twenty-four.

I had my 24th birthday party last Friday on a tram. It was so much hussle but so much fun at the same time. I genuinely thank everyone for coming and for giving me the best birthday party ever!

Why tram party?

Because I’ve always wanted one!

The fact is the tram party is not as relaxing as I imagined it would be – the thing runs damned fast! And in this mid-July weather it’s just nasty : P It’s like the idea of a waterbed. You’ve always wanted one because it sounds like so much fun, but after one night actually sleeping on it, you know it’s a bad idea. But on the other hand the tram party is very affordable and fun, and it would probably make better sense in cooler weather. (For those of you who’s taller than 180cm, sorry about the neck pain.)

Once again, I had a great time and I’m so glad that I got to see so many people I love on my birthday!
For some of you, I know I’ve been a really lousy friend… but hey, let’s make it work again : )

All party photographs by Liyo Wu.

Special thanks to Sam who made my birthday cupcakes!
The most delicious Red Velvet I’ve ever had!

Click the picture to visit Sam’s blog!
(I love you – and I mean it.)

La Sardina Launch Party @ Lomography HK

La Sardina Launch Party @ Lomography HK

Last Thursday I was invited to a launch party at Sheung Wan Lomography gallery store, for their brand new – La Sardina – camera. I was really really surprised when I got their invitation email!

I’ve always been a huge fan of Lomography. Not only do I own seven Lomo cameras (Fisheye, Horizon Kompakt, LC-A, Colorsplash, Diana, Holga and Super Sampler), I even put all of them into my backpack and went on a trip to Europe for 80 days. (Yea, that’s also how my knee problem get  started.) What I’m trying to say is, I’m so glad that I got the chance to attend the launch party through The Style Voyager.

I’m still not 100% sure why they got me (or fashion bloggers in general), but I guess it’s because the appearance of La Sardina is very much a fashion accessory, more so than other Lomographic cameras, so they got the idea of incorporating fashion into the party – just a wild guess. But I like the idea of blending the camera into your outfit (or on the other hand, build your outfit around the camera).

The concept of the party is really fun. The gallery store at Po Yan Street was turned into a fish market (Okay I don’t know what they did but the whole place smells like fish) with fish bucket and fishing nets lying around. It was so much fun to have everyone dressed up for the theme – fisherman, though most of them ended up looking sailor-ish. I can tell that they have put a lot of thoughts into the party and it worked out (amazingly).

So thank you everyone @Lomography for the lovely evening and El Capitan! I would have purchased it myself cox a real fan doesn’t miss a thing!

Special thanks to Justin, Edwin and the lovely young lady in floral jumpsuit for showing me around and answering my questions : P Uh I’m bad with names : ( But you’re all really really sweet! Again, thank you for having me in your party!

Photographs by me.

I was having a bad skin day so no photos of me at the event : P  ( Don’t hate on me.) But I’ve put together another outfit with El Capitan as my main accessory. Stay tuned : )

Last but not least – a stolen picture from Lomography Asia’s Facebook Page.

: P

Day and Night.

Day and Night.

Photographs by dear mom : )

(Unique by Topshop jumpsuit, H&M crop top, necklace, clutch and scarf, Jeffrey Campbell heels and vintage bangles.

Hey everyone! I’m so glad that I can put up this post before the end of May. I’ve always want to do a day-to-night transition styling post for you guys. I figured this long-forgotten Unique by Topshop jumpsuit would be the perfect piece for this : ) What you’re gonna see is a little bit boring, and slightly last season, but I promise that they are high practical styling. So let’s get started!

For the day look, I used the printed scarf as a headband to enhance the boho vibe. It is really easy to do and you can wrap it whatever way you want. A crop top can bring out the casualness in this outfit and make it more daytime-appropriate.

(Unique by Topshop jumpsuit, H&M blazer, necklace, clutch and scarf, Jeffrey Campbell heels and vintage bangles.)

The night look is a glam-up version of the day look. Use the scarf as belt this time to add a little shape to the baggy jumpsuit. I wore this look without the blazer because my city’s steamy hot. It works just as well!
So that’s it girls, I hope this can help : ) Stay happy and inspired!

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