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Print shop is something quite common in the Western world, but it took me some serious research to locate one in Hong Kong. Tucked away in the tranquil terrace of Sau Wa Fong in Wan Chai, Odd One Out, a business combining the concepts of a print shop, a cafe and an art boutique, has offers something quite unique to offer to the city’s art lovers. Founded by ex-printmakers and passionate print collector Phemie Cheng in early 2013, the business has successfully matched the demand from existing print buyers and developed its new clientele in Hong Kong.

Bridging the massive gap between expensive original art pieces and movie posters, limited edition prints are something quite exquisite to own but still easy on the wallet. Odd One Out has a fine selection of prints by international artists, prices range between HKD600 to HKD 3,500. The owner of Odd One Out organizes themed exhibition with artists from all over the world, including the very recent 3D exhibition curated by UK based designer/illustrator Stephen Chan. Apart from limited edition prints, Odd One Out also offers a selection of covetable ceramics by Melody Rose and Mellow Ware and some very witty greeting cards

If you are looking to purchase a print, make sure to ask Phemie or the friendly staff there for framing options. And… these are our top picks.


Prints by Kyoko Imazu. Clockwise from top left. Lidth’s Jay, Tia 1, Rachel, and Geese and Lotus.

Justin2Prints by Justin Santora. From left At The ReadyWhere We BeganFirst Waltz at the Servants’ Ball.


Prints by Kat Libretto. From left Chrysler Building, NYCRockefeller Center, NYC, and Empire State Building, NYC.


34 Sau Wau Fong, Wan Chai, Hong Kong

Dizzy Dizzy

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Photographs by the best mom in the universe (as requested by her)

Cos top and skirt, Zara sandals and clutch, H&M cuff.

I visited the Cos store on Queen’s Road many times since it was opened in Hong Kong, but my first purchase from them only took place at their current summer sale. Just because they don’t do any fancy sequined cocktail dress, I categorized them as “pricey-minimalistic-casual-wear”  and haven’t been motivated enough to buy anything. But I realized the thing about Cos designs is that every item has a understated chic element in it which makes them well-worth the price over time. I hope you are not getting dizzy from looking at my multi-faceted clutch and my printed skirt (Coz my mom totally did.) Speak soon!

Floral prints and vivid green.

Photographs by dear mom : )

(All from Zara.)


When I uploaded my last blog post, I was talking about how 2012 would be a great year for blogging. But since then I disappeared from the blogoshere (though being more active than ever on twitter), leaving some of my viewers totally confused. I apologize for that : ( I’ve been caught up by work, (actually more like fascinated by work,) and could not spare the energy for blogging.

Many of you may already know that I’ve recently joined a well-established contemporary conceptual art gallery in Hong Kong. It’s been a few challenging months and contemporary art is such a different world from what I used to know, and I couldn’t begin to describe how amazing the experiences I’ve had so far. The feeling of finally figured out what you want to do is truly amazing. Life will be even more busy when Master program begins in March. But I hope I can bring you a blog post at least once a week. And once again thank you for the comments and emails you guys sent me while I was away.

You might have seen all these items in your local Zara. I highly recommend these vivid green wedges, they are so beautiful and comfortable to walk in. But make sure you’re quick since they’re already flying off the shelves. The floral blouse is a bit on the pricier side. I’ve worn it for 3 times and it’s already breaking apart at the seams, so, a lovely piece to stand in. When I purchased the skirt I thought it’s gonna be adorable. But turns out the front cuts off at a unflattering length,making my thighs look thicker than usual. But I cannot deny that the cut looks sublime at the back.

So much for today, till next time : D

I’ve got daisies all over me.

Photographs by dear mom : )

(H&M dress as top, Topshop skirt, Jeffrey Campbell heels, Asos clutch, Zara Scarf.)

The last time I’ve put on this much flowers, I was probably about 5 years old, performing for my kindergarten talent show. Because my mom adores androgynous style, my childhood and teenage wardrobe was filled with minimalistic menswear inspired clothes that are usually in the colours of  black, khaki, a very ugly blue and a even worse green- which I’m not going into details with. Lace and florals and such were pretty much abscent.

You know when they say if you’re kept away from something in a younger age, you will seek for those more in adulthood. (I believe there’s a proper idiom for this expression, but since English is not my native language – which I cannot stress enough, I can only put it this way. If you guys know the proper expression for that, please please please let me know I’m very eager to learn.) My point is, quite ironically, a lack of creativity and femininity in my teenage years might have inspired me to start this blog at all. And I often find myself drooling over super feminine cuts and details when it comes to clothes. I know a friend of mine who has the exact opposite situation. When she was a kid her mom put her in all these princess dresses, and now she ONLY wears pants. How ironic is that?

Okay, now back to the outfit. I said goodbye to my H&M 3D flower dress, and cut it into a cute crop top. I love the flower details and was bored with the cut. I think now it works great with a high waisted pencil skirt – one of my must-haves for fall. And yea, that skirt looks very familiar, no? (hint: Sportmax fall – I love that collection!) Well no, it’s by Topshop : P I had to a get one size bigger because it was sold out in only a few days! The lace details are just adorable and the colour so vivid. I hope you like this early fall outfit, and I’ll talk to you soon!

For Japan.

For Japan.

Photographs by dear mom : )

(Zara shirt, H&M dress, Topshop straw hat, vintage handbag from Poland, Max oxfords)

We all know about the devastating earthquake and deadly neuclear aftermath in Japan. What can we do apart from making donations and praying for those who are  facing the disaster. Sam from Sam is Home emailed Chictopia about her idea of wearing red as to commemorate all that has happened in Japan. Thanks to that Chictopia is now hosting a campaign called “Wear Red Wear Hope” in collaboration with the Red Cross.

“The fashion community can not only inspire what people wear daily, but we have a voice that can call other people into action at a time of crisis and loss.” – Sam from Sam is Home

My Wear Red Wear Hope outfit consists of a fruit and floral print Zara shirt, a midi H&M skirt in vibrant red colour and a Topshop straw hat with flower adornments – symbolising life and hope. I hope you enjoy this ourfit! Please spread the word and show your support for Japan!

Join Chictopia’s Wear Red Wear Hope Campaign by uploading a picture of yourself wearing one red item. Also, donate US$10 to Red Cross Japan earthquake and tsunami relief funds. For more detail please click here.
And now, my favourite Ladies in Red : )

Upper row from left: Alyssa Bird, Sam is Home, Candy Kawaii Lover.
Lower row from left: Views from my Window, Hallie Daily, Pinkbulletstore.
Photo source: Chictopia.com

Have a lovely day!

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