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carrotmain Topshop Knitted Textured Stitch Jumper


From left:

On Sam: Cocoon jacket from Seoul, Equipment silk shirt, Uniqlo jeans, 3.1.Philip Lim flats,
HK boutique necklace, General Idea men’s cap.
On Syb: Hong Kong boutique jacket, Zara skirt, heels, bag and necklace.
On Sam: H&M parka and slub tank, Zara leather shorts, Aldo lace up boots, HK market beanie.
On Syb: Topshop duster coat, H&M Jacquard trousers, Zara heels, ANYWAY necklace.


Sweater shot and Sybil’s outfit photos by Sam.
Sam’s outfit photos by Agnes.

I was going to warn you about the excessive amount of orange you will see in this post, but I guess it’s too late now. Oops. Sam, a.k.a. my only friend in real life, and I put together four outfits with this Topshop jumper. Just because we are so different in every single way (height, taste, body shape, taste, hair style, taste, etc), we thought it’d be interesting to see how differently we interpret this unmanageable orange mess. On a side note, the fact that Sam didn’t actually “wear” the jumper made me look like the person who’s not thinking outside of the box. Totally cheating!

Here’s a little breakdown on my two outfits: In the first outfit I wore my newly purchased midget varsity jacket (because Sam totally rocked my long varsity jacket roar roar) together with the sweater tucked in to a slim pencil skirt. I like the “top-heavy” silhouette mostly because it works well on my “top-heavy” body shape, ironically. In the second outfit I challenged myself to wear these really tricky Jacquard trousers, though still not a fan of pants, I can see how they bring out a more sophisticated side of me.

I was having this “Tangerine means luck in Chinese” conversation with my entirely Western team at work as CNY is just around the corner. And it is the first time I realized how cute it is that Chinese people actually believe tangerines will bring them luck. So, as someone who’s desperately in need of luck I decided to wear more orange in 2013 (it’s on trend!). Hope you’re having tons of luck in 2013! Talk soon.

Read Sam’s post here!

Fall essentials with Sam :)

Not too long ago Sam and I had an idea of collab on fall essentials. After tweaking on the angles for a while we decided to contribute two pieces each and put together four looks that reflects our own style. Although having quite a few things in common, our styles are not at all similar – Sam is tall (5’7) and de garçon and a total fanatic about layering while me being all petite (5’2 1/2), féminin and thus not an ideal canvas for layers. So the challenge here is to step out of our comfort zone a little. Thanks to me we finally get to see Sam in a lace pencil skirt and a sequined scallop top! (evil laugh inserted) So here you go, enjoy this little collab and have a great weekend!

Sybil’s Topshop Lace Pencil Skirt.
Vintage jacket, pull and bear flats, unknown brand top; hat gifted by Sam. Check out Sam’s list of items on her blog.

Sybil’s Monki Sequined Scallop Top
Topshop skirt, Pull and Bear flats; hat gifted by Sam. Check out Sam’s list of items on her blog.

Sam’s H&M parka
Asos skirt, unknown brand top, Pull and Bear flats. Check out Sam’s list of items on her blog.

Sam’s Uniqlo sweater
Vintage wrap skirt, H&M ankle boots, Monki clutch. Check out Sam’s list of items on her blog.

Photographs by Sam and I.
All graphic designs by Sam.

I’m keeping the teaser to remind you of our craziness.
: D

Tease tease tease.

Hey everyone! I hope you had a great National holiday!
I’m sharing with you a homemade teaser for an upcoming event which all of you are invited to participate. Can’t tell much now, but make sure you will check back on October 3rd for a lovely surprise!

Special thanks to all HK bloggers who worked together to make this work.
Let’s get the party started!

Epic twenty-four.

Epic twenty-four.

I had my 24th birthday party last Friday on a tram. It was so much hussle but so much fun at the same time. I genuinely thank everyone for coming and for giving me the best birthday party ever!

Why tram party?

Because I’ve always wanted one!

The fact is the tram party is not as relaxing as I imagined it would be – the thing runs damned fast! And in this mid-July weather it’s just nasty : P It’s like the idea of a waterbed. You’ve always wanted one because it sounds like so much fun, but after one night actually sleeping on it, you know it’s a bad idea. But on the other hand the tram party is very affordable and fun, and it would probably make better sense in cooler weather. (For those of you who’s taller than 180cm, sorry about the neck pain.)

Once again, I had a great time and I’m so glad that I got to see so many people I love on my birthday!
For some of you, I know I’ve been a really lousy friend… but hey, let’s make it work again : )

All party photographs by Liyo Wu.

Special thanks to Sam who made my birthday cupcakes!
The most delicious Red Velvet I’ve ever had!

Click the picture to visit Sam’s blog!
(I love you – and I mean it.)

ART HK 11 and other blogger activities : )

I was in ART HK 11 with Sam from Sam is Home and Tania from T Likes Bubble Tea last Saturday (or the one before?). It’s funny because I was never the artistic girl and I didn’t know what to expect for such a huge exhibition. It was so overwhelming and our time was limited. We only managed to stop by a few booths that really caught our attention.

(Uh.. is it weird that I really like his hair?)

The guy from Indonesian artist Syagini Ratna Wulan’s booth took this polaroid photo of the three of us. In case you can’t read Sam’s handwriting, it says “TSS Likes Bubble Tea At Home with The Style Voyager.” Finally we have a photo together : ) And in case you’re wondering, we didn’t plan for those ridiculous white blazer uniform!

I took a few photos of Sam and Tania’s outfit but definitely go to their blogs for more : )
I love the flower on Hannah! It’s so sweet on her and it matches perfectly with the dress she’s wearing.

I went to a high tea in Mandarin Oriental with Sam and her friends. It was a lovely high tea with the girls, they are all so adorable. Thank you for sharing your lovely stories : )
I’m not the type of person that would spend too much time and money on food… but their scones… you shouldn’t miss their scones : 0 If you’re in Hong Kong for a visit, go get their Rose Petal Jam it’s the best present EVER!

Later that night Sam and I met up with Denise from Superwowomg. We had Mexican food in Soho and had a great time talking about everything – from fashion to high school bullying – turned out we were all bullied in school… is that a common thing for fashion bloggers? Anyways, Denise and I were asked by Sam to make faces according to what she said… I’m not sure if what the first two were, but the last one was “fashion blogger!” Guess who failed!? : P Say hi to denise!

These are photos taken from the Spring Collection lounge party of designer Susanne Ngao, also a friend of Sam. The clothes are really pretty, probably a little too sexy for my taste. But Tania looks great in them! Check out the store on Elgin Street!

Notice the height difference between me and normal women?haha, stay happy and inspired! I have an outfit post coming up soon!
Oh by the way my post “Day and Night” was featured on Freshly Pressed. I just want to say thank you for all of you who left me a comment, it’s very very sweet of you!

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