Decent exposure.

Photographs by dear mom : )

(Topshop shrug, bralet and pants, Jeffrey Campbell wedges, H&M bag, Zara scarf.)

First of all, I don’t want to upset you, but the shrug and the bralet and the pants are all from last year : ( Sorry guys, I hope the idea still helps : ) As I told Crystal in her EIU article Dressing Tips for Petites, wearing something sheer in neutral shade will help to elongate the body. However, you may feel uncomfortable showing too much skin, so the trick here is to wear a pair of high-waisted pants to keep a visual balance.

I remember reading an article from The Economist‘s quarterly mag Intelligent Life about the decent (skin) exposure for living and working in a city. The rule is to always show 3/8 of your body. For example, if you’re wearing sheer top, go with opaque long pants; if you’re wearing shorts, go with a roomy top; if you’re wearing sheer top and shorts all at the same time, boots might be the best option to make yourself  feel decently covered.

What’s your decent exposure?
Talk to you soon!


Parka weather and Cantonese opera.

Parka weather and Cantonese opera.

Photographs by dear mom : )

(Zara parka, Topshop sheer top and sandals, denim short from Thailand, vintage purse from Midwest Vintage)

Hey! This is going to be a really short outfit post and a few random photos of a Cantonese Opera house near my place : P I’m a little tired from the blogging format because it takes me a lot of time to write and it kinda slows down my blog post frequency… and that sucks : ( So I guess I would go with what I feel like doing this time, sorry if you love the inspiration sections…

So, let’s talk about the outfit! The weather’s all grumpy at the moment so parka is my go-to outwear. I got this sheer peacock print top from last season last season and it’s really unique. I’m also loving these Ninja sandals from Topshop simply because they go with everything. I hope you like this outfit post!

I took these photo on my way home from the photoshoot. This is one of the oldest opera house/cinema in Hong Kong. I walk by it everyday but never really take a look inside. I was told by a nice lady that the beautiful woman – first picture above –  is actually played by a guy. Hmmm… very nice.

Inspired by the winter sun.

Inspired by the winter sun.

Photographs by tituz

Growing up in a sub-tropical concrete jungle like Hong Kong I’ve never quite realise the importance of sunlight (cox there’s either too much sunlight you want to get rid of it or you’re staying indoor all the time anyways.) But here in the middle of Europe, the sun is really affecting everyone’s life. This afternoon we took a walk along the Mariahilfer Straße (the main shopping street in Vienna), the weather was so lovely. The temperature is still low, but Spring is just around the corner. I’m slowing building up a ‘transitional’ wardrobe for the upcoming days.

In these photos I paired a cozy cable kintted jumper from Topshop with my sheer Asos lace skirt to reduce the heaviness of winter clothing. I’m also wearing my Jeffrey Campbell wedges with some H&M black tights. Accessory-wise I’m wearing a warm cable knitted scarf from Topshop. Oh, and one of my new faves: the grandma handbag from flee market.

Cable knitted top from Topshop
Scarf from Topshop
Sheer skirt form
Wedges from Jeffrey Campbell
Tights from H&M
Vintage handbag from flee market

It’s time to post a protrait of the man behind the camera and the loving boyfriend of mine : P, looking nice and stylish in his American Apparel coat and H&M scarf.

After the shooting he took me to a shoe store and ‘forced’ me to get these Oxford flats. Reason? ‘High heels are really bad for your feet! And everything you have are with heels.’ What should I say : P
Thank you babe.

Have a nice day : )


Sheer spirit

Sheer spirit

Photographs by dear Mom : )

Navy blue blazer from Zara
Vintage waistcoat from Prague
Sheer mid calf skirt from
Boots from
Tights from H&M
Jewelry from and Nataliaraya

: D

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