From Geneva with love.



IMG_0563Photographs by Charles Mugel

Coat, skirt, and gloves by COS, Zara bag and Topshop boots.

An outfit post attempt from Geneva. After two years of dreadfully humid Hong Kong winters, I finally got to spend some time abroad during this festive time of the year (with a real Christmas tree and a proper gift exchange session which lasted for 3 hours.) While enjoying some time away from Hong Kong, I realised that I’ve been running this blog for three full years. No sentimental stuff (since I didn’t actually become famous because of the blog) but I do feel grateful that the memories of the past three years of my life have been carefully recorded and preserved. And I’m truly grateful for those who still stops by every now and then.

2014 is about gratitude – hopefully.

The A-Line

HW01HW03HW02COS jumper and mid-length skirt, Hong Kong boutique bomber jacket, Topshop necklace and boots.

Excuse that awful look on my face. It is very difficult to model with 95% of your body covered in loose-fitted clothes, that’s why I put all that intensity in my facial expression. Apologies if you feel threatened for a moment. Consider this my Halloween look (coz I’m not gonna do one!)
I’ve been looking for the perfect skirt to go with my platform utility boots and my bomber jacket to create (in my humble opinion) the look of the season. It’s all about the length and the shape of the skirt (shorter than maxi, longer than mid-calf, and has to be A-line). I got mine from COS (aka the company which stole my fashion wishlist) and you may find yours here, here and here or consult Harper’s Bazaar’s chicest ways to wear the midi.


By Sybil Kot




Photos by dear mom : )

(Club Monaco top, COS skirt, Topshop boots, Massimo Dutti bracelet, Zara jackets and shades)

When everyone else is still indulging in the crazy summer sale, I made an effort to pile on layers of fall winter clothes just to impress you – yea that’s what I do, freeze in February and melt down in August – just to impress you! Jokes aside, I’ve been quite impatient myself for the weather to cool down so that I can start wearing the dressy sweatshirts, full skirt and oversized coats… So here a sneak peek for the exciting season to come! Speak soon.

The Dream Outfit

Mint01Mint06Mint05Mint02Mint03Photographs by the best mom on earth.

Zara top and skirt, Topshop necklace, & Other Stories sandals, Hong Kong boutique jacket and clutch, Edge of Ember cuff.

I titled this The Dream Outfit because I literally dreamt about this outfit before actually finding all the items in the market. It’s a combination of everything I love – mint and gold, flowy chiffon, sportswear elements, wooden sandals, more mint and more gold… Perfection. What’s your dream outfit for summer?

Inverted Edge x The Style Voyager Giveaway Part II

IEP201 IEP202 IEP204IEP203

Photographs by dear mom : )

Cut-Out Top by Post December, Silk Skirt by Jayson Brunsdon (All available at Inverted Edge! ) Zara heels, Topshop jacket and shirt.

As promised, this is Part II of my collaboration with online designer boutique Inverted Edge! I’m wearing a cut-out top by Korean designer Post December. It is definitely a bold piece but also surprisingly versatile. You can layer anything underneath the top and get that futuristic look instantly. And I’m so much in love with the beautiful sequin pencil skirt by Australian designer Jayson Brunsdon. It is the dream piece for me, and by that I mean if I am to be exiled to an far away island with only a few items, the skirt will still be on my packing list. Hope you like my styling and now, win a chance to win the Post December top by entering my giveaway!

Screen Shot 2013-05-15 at 1.57.16 AM


Opened internationally.
What are you waiting for!?

Disclaimer: All items listed above are loaned, not gifted, according to my request. Giveaways are sponsored and handled by Inverted Edge.



Photos by Inga Beckmann

Topshop faux leather jacket, Zara shirt and shorts, shoes and Edge of Ember cuff.

  The weather in Hong Kong has been gloomy since forever. So this is my way to brighten up the days! Wearing my trusted Topshop faux leather jacket and Zara porcelain print shirt. Also on my favourite list are the cobalt blue shorts that every girl should own and the bright orange heels from Have a nice day!

The New Shape


Photographs by Inga Beckmann

Zara top and shoes, Topshop skirt and printed top and clutch from local boutiques.

If you bump into me on the street these days, I will most likely to be wearing something like this. My go-to outfit has shifted from flowy top and body hugging bottoms to lose-fitting top and structured bottoms and I’ve come to appreciate the simplicity in such combination. Vivid orange has always been my favorite color, it just brightens up everything. (Proof and proof). The black and white printed top and Zara heels put the whole outfit together. Simple and chic. Talk soon!

Big Luck Big Profit 大吉大利

carrotmain Topshop Knitted Textured Stitch Jumper


From left:

On Sam: Cocoon jacket from Seoul, Equipment silk shirt, Uniqlo jeans, 3.1.Philip Lim flats,
HK boutique necklace, General Idea men’s cap.
On Syb: Hong Kong boutique jacket, Zara skirt, heels, bag and necklace.
On Sam: H&M parka and slub tank, Zara leather shorts, Aldo lace up boots, HK market beanie.
On Syb: Topshop duster coat, H&M Jacquard trousers, Zara heels, ANYWAY necklace.


Sweater shot and Sybil’s outfit photos by Sam.
Sam’s outfit photos by Agnes.

I was going to warn you about the excessive amount of orange you will see in this post, but I guess it’s too late now. Oops. Sam, a.k.a. my only friend in real life, and I put together four outfits with this Topshop jumper. Just because we are so different in every single way (height, taste, body shape, taste, hair style, taste, etc), we thought it’d be interesting to see how differently we interpret this unmanageable orange mess. On a side note, the fact that Sam didn’t actually “wear” the jumper made me look like the person who’s not thinking outside of the box. Totally cheating!

Here’s a little breakdown on my two outfits: In the first outfit I wore my newly purchased midget varsity jacket (because Sam totally rocked my long varsity jacket roar roar) together with the sweater tucked in to a slim pencil skirt. I like the “top-heavy” silhouette mostly because it works well on my “top-heavy” body shape, ironically. In the second outfit I challenged myself to wear these really tricky Jacquard trousers, though still not a fan of pants, I can see how they bring out a more sophisticated side of me.

I was having this “Tangerine means luck in Chinese” conversation with my entirely Western team at work as CNY is just around the corner. And it is the first time I realized how cute it is that Chinese people actually believe tangerines will bring them luck. So, as someone who’s desperately in need of luck I decided to wear more orange in 2013 (it’s on trend!). Hope you’re having tons of luck in 2013! Talk soon.

Read Sam’s post here!

Covered up.

ct2ct1ct3ct4Photographs by dear mom : )

Topshop lightweight duster coat, A Boy Named Sue sweater, Zara skirt, bag and boots.

Happy 2013!

I hope you’ve spent a great holiday with family and friends! I should have at least smiled on a HNY post.Well, too late now.

I’m wearing my newest purchase from Topshop, a lightweight oversized duster jacket. The jacket is quite useless at keeping you warm but the loose cut allows tons of layering underneath. I am not a fan of fitted outerwear. What’s the point of outerwear if you can’t layer like a onion?

I took away the leather stripe and faux fur should pad on my Zara boxy messenger bag and wore it as a briefcase/men clutch. It makes beautiful contrast with the curves on the skirt. Hope you like this outfit!

Fail proof color palette.

Photographs by mom : )

(Zara blouse and heels, Topshop skirt & vintage velvet blazer)

I’m really into simple outfits with statement pieces. Not only do they keep me presentable for my day job but they also make my mornings much easier. During busy days I adopt  my color fail proof color palette – blacks, golds and whites. Coz even though I’m lazy as hell, the last thing I want is to look underdressed – pain of being a Style Voyager : P

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