Let me tell you something about Lomography.

First a big shout out to everyone @Lomography! Their efforts to engage bloggers and users are so inspiring I cannot begin to explain my excitements and appreciations.

The Lomography Sheung Wan gallery store was re-opened after a fancy makeover. ( Let me refresh your memory about the old interior here. ) Now everything is modern, bright and refreshing – though I still very much in love with the old one of its soft lighting and retro touch.

Sam and I, along with many HK bloggers, were invited to a mysterious party called Austria Calling. The party began with a presentation where they reacquainted us with the origin and ideas of Lomography with amazing photos and a lovely story of how it all started. So, basically, to put it in their own wording – What the hell is Lomography? As a long time fan myself, I was really inspired by the presentation to put away my DSLR for a moment and start the multi-camera-bearing actions all over again.

And just as if they could read my mind! We were then invited to a night time adventure and try out the new Lomography camera – SprocketRocket. I love love love the sprocket look on the images, seriously, how much cooler can it get : P It has multiple exposure function and super wide angle lens, and you only need the regular 35mm film to shoot with. It’s like all my favourite features  has come in one camera, plus the super cool sprocket look…. Speaking from my own experience, some of the lomography cameras, for example Fisheye and Colorsplash, gets a bit boring after a while because of its limited features. But I have the feeling that the versatile SprocketRocket’s gonna stay a favourite for quite some time.

A quick reminder to Lomography’s golden rule no. 8 &9.

8. You don’t have to know beforehead what you’ve captured on film…
9. …and you don’t necessarily have to know afterwards, either.

You can tell we’ve been very good bloggers to follow these lomography rules : )And even as pretentious as we bloggers are, we went all out with the crazy faces and quirky moves. Because you know, who cares? You’re not gonna see what had happened in a week or so. Sigh.

Thank you again everyone @Lomography, especially Justin, Edwin, Winki and Jodie – or whoever you are, Mustache girl. I’m so so looking forward to the upcoming projects! Props to the good work!

Bloggers in action: Sam, JJ, Jasmine, Daniel, Priscilla.
You can also click here to read Sam’s lomo party post  and here to read the wanderlister’s.

Have a great day : D

The Style Voyager’s… on vacation (and back!)

Photographs by Sam from Sam is Home : )

(Zara top, Topshop dress, H&M sandals and sunglasses, vintage necklace.)

Hey everyone! (I know I’ve been seriously slacking on the blog… but I’m going to post more regularly from now on.)

I’m back from my holiday trip to Thailand.  If you missed my quick message here it is again: The giveaway was closed on 8th and I’ve already contacted all my winners. (Two of you still haven’t replied to my messages yet, go check your facebook inbox girls!) Thank you for participating, the next one is coming up soon! The Style Voyager is going to be six-month old on 20th, April, time for celebration : P

I’m busy dealing with the photos I took during the trip. There are so many but I promise they’re gonna be up real soon. This is a post I’ve been working on for a while now. Hope you enjoy it : )

I was wearing a Topshop dress as skirt in the photos. I love the ruffle details on the waist and the bottom of the dress. But once again it is a UK size 8 and it is a little too long for my height (sigh.) As for the the accessories, I was wearing these adorable H&M sandals (they are usually really comfortable, but no so much walking up and down hills.) These H&M sunglasses are my new favourite. They are really wide but not so opaque, very balanced choice for Spring. Sorry for the silly dance moves, I couldn’t help it : P

(Apfelstrudel mit schlag – Apfelstrudel with cream; Tania from T Like Bubble Tea; Sam from Sam is Home with her “Hot and Spicy” manicure; Old photos of Vienna on display in Cafe Loisl.)

Sweet Tania from T Like Bubble Tea introduced me and Sam Cafe Loisl during a recent meet-up.

This lovely Viennese cafe is located on a quiet terrace in Sheung Wan. Run by a Austrian/German couple living in Hong Kong, Cafe Loisl has the closest you can get to the true Viennese flavour. It’s a cozy pocket-size version of the magnificant Cafe Central in Vienna, with Sachertorte and Mozart chocolates in gilded glass containers on permenant display (How much better can you get in Hong Kong!!). I ordered a Apfelstrudel with cream. Usually my first choice would be Gugelhupf with cream but the cafe only serves it on weekends. They have some seriously good coffee, so good that I decided to bring my mom for another visit : P

(Sig. Barista Appassionato; Green Tea Cheese Cake; Karottenkuchen)

Here are some pictures taken on my second visit. I was really impressed by how passionate the Barista (in the picture above) is about making coffee. The coffee is decent and the service excellent. It just feels  so much better than the bad chain store coffee we Hong Kong people are suffering from.
I’m a fan of Viennese Cafe culture. Cafe Loisl may not be the palace-like Viennese Cafe you’re picturing in your head, (in fact they don’t even have the right furniture yet… )but it offers just the right amount of European flavour and coziness most of us are looking for.

Cafe Loisl

Artisan Vienna Style Coffeehouse

G/F, Shop A, 8 Tai On Terrace
Sheung Wan, Hong Kong
(+852)9178 0739

Have a nice day!

Inspired by the winter sun.

Inspired by the winter sun.

Photographs by tituz

Growing up in a sub-tropical concrete jungle like Hong Kong I’ve never quite realise the importance of sunlight (cox there’s either too much sunlight you want to get rid of it or you’re staying indoor all the time anyways.) But here in the middle of Europe, the sun is really affecting everyone’s life. This afternoon we took a walk along the Mariahilfer Straße (the main shopping street in Vienna), the weather was so lovely. The temperature is still low, but Spring is just around the corner. I’m slowing building up a ‘transitional’ wardrobe for the upcoming days.

In these photos I paired a cozy cable kintted jumper from Topshop with my sheer Asos lace skirt to reduce the heaviness of winter clothing. I’m also wearing my Jeffrey Campbell wedges with some H&M black tights. Accessory-wise I’m wearing a warm cable knitted scarf from Topshop. Oh, and one of my new faves: the grandma handbag from flee market.

Cable knitted top from Topshop
Scarf from Topshop
Sheer skirt form asos.com
Wedges from Jeffrey Campbell
Tights from H&M
Vintage handbag from flee market

It’s time to post a protrait of the man behind the camera and the loving boyfriend of mine : P, looking nice and stylish in his American Apparel coat and H&M scarf.

After the shooting he took me to a shoe store and ‘forced’ me to get these Oxford flats. Reason? ‘High heels are really bad for your feet! And everything you have are with heels.’ What should I say : P
Thank you babe.

Have a nice day : )


Dress up for a sunny day! Snapshot collection Vol.4

Dress up for a sunny day! Snapshot collection Vol.4

Here you go the first two lovely street style I spotted in Vienna!

I love the colour of her coat and the scarf. The combination is quite mature, but on her it feels like fresh breeze . Love the hairstyle too!

She looks so chic in the shawl and the little clutch purse. The flowy silhouette and the impecable use of colour has attracted me from far away.

And the following pictures were taken during a treasure hunt to the Saturday flee market.

And this is me with the grandma handbag I bought from the flee market : P

Have a nice day!

Let the warm wind blow : )

Let the warm wind blow : )

Photographs by tituz

It’s such a lovely day in Vienna (11°C plus the sun in the middle of the winter!). I’m wearing my freshly-arrived faux fur coat from Topshop’s seasonal sale (well, it’s a dreadfully long wait with the parcel though) and a springy scarf from H&M together with my daily staples. Spring in nowhere in sight but I can’t wait to put on some bright colours (because the new seasonal is all about bold bright colours!). The temperature in Vienna is most  probably gonna drop again, so before I crawl back to my heavy winter closet, I’m gonna enjoy myself in the warm (and odd) mid-winter breeze. Hope you like it!

Faux fur coat from Topshop
Printed scarf from H&M
Burgundy top from Zara
Black high-waisted pants from Topshop
Lace up boots from Asos.com
Bag from Topshop

: D

Ohh! Tomorrow is the big day to publish  my first Vienna street fashion collection, stay tuned!  Now it’s time for a new track!

In this months video we witness how an oupcoming house/electro-pop duo and an old Brit poper can match perfectly. Discodeine is Pilooski and Pentile two french guys who already released some remixes seperatly for the likes of France Copland or LCD Soundsystem, since 2008 they released 5 Eps together as Discodeine (One to check out is definetly the Singular EP with Matias Aguayao).

Here we got their new track Synchronize featuring nobody less than Jarvis Cocker former singer of UK supergroup Pulp on vocals (they are going to play some concerts in the summer, check them out if they are near you!). His warm voice gets perfect backup from a string ensemble in the background making the whole thing great for a home listen but also expect to hear it on the dancefloor soon! In the Video we see Jarvis Cocker, who is under the influence of some liquids, having a hard time figuring out if the couple is in the next room or only exists in his head?! I guess the answer lies in the eye of the beholder ; ) The Video was directed by JF Julian at Wizz Design in Paris. Check it out! tituz



Photographs by tituz

Finally I have recieved my Jeffrey Campbell order from Solestruck.com! I love them so much (yea, so much I forget about the fact that I have to pay Austrian custom €78 for nothing.) This is a look I had in mind for a very long time. I know there’s a lot of drama going on, but with the simple colour combination it’s actually fairly wearable. I love playing with different hemlines, this is my minimum/maximum look. I hope you like it!

Floppy hat from Topshop
Maxi Cardigan from Asos.com
Black lace dress from New Yorker
Over-knee socks from Topshop
Shoes from Jeffrey Campbell
Scarf and jewellery from H&M

: D

I know it’s late, but Happy New Year : )

I know it’s late, but Happy New Year : )

Photographs by Tituz

I know it’s very very late for a happy new year post, but it’s very sincere : ) I’m in Vienna again, and we are about to move in to our brand new apartment. Starting a new life in another city is very challenging and tiring, and things are definitely not working for us lately… ( We don’t even have internet in the new place yet! yea.. I’m a blogger without internet at the moment. ) I hope the coming days of 2011 are not as tough as its beginning, and I wish you all Happy New Year!

Minnie mouse sweater from H&M
Leopard print dress from Monki
Lace up boots from Asos.com
Fur hat from a boutique in Causeway Bay
Tights from H&M

: D

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