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Photos by dear mom : )

(Club Monaco top, COS skirt, Topshop boots, Massimo Dutti bracelet, Zara jackets and shades)

When everyone else is still indulging in the crazy summer sale, I made an effort to pile on layers of fall winter clothes just to impress you – yea that’s what I do, freeze in February and melt down in August – just to impress you! Jokes aside, I’ve been quite impatient myself for the weather to cool down so that I can start wearing the dressy sweatshirts, full skirt and oversized coats… So here a sneak peek for the exciting season to come! Speak soon.

The Dream Outfit

Mint01Mint06Mint05Mint02Mint03Photographs by the best mom on earth.

Zara top and skirt, Topshop necklace, & Other Stories sandals, Hong Kong boutique jacket and clutch, Edge of Ember cuff.

I titled this The Dream Outfit because I literally dreamt about this outfit before actually finding all the items in the market. It’s a combination of everything I love – mint and gold, flowy chiffon, sportswear elements, wooden sandals, more mint and more gold… Perfection. What’s your dream outfit for summer?

Inverted Edge x The Style Voyager Giveaway Part II

IEP201 IEP202 IEP204IEP203

Photographs by dear mom : )

Cut-Out Top by Post December, Silk Skirt by Jayson Brunsdon (All available at Inverted Edge! ) Zara heels, Topshop jacket and shirt.

As promised, this is Part II of my collaboration with online designer boutique Inverted Edge! I’m wearing a cut-out top by Korean designer Post December. It is definitely a bold piece but also surprisingly versatile. You can layer anything underneath the top and get that futuristic look instantly. And I’m so much in love with the beautiful sequin pencil skirt by Australian designer Jayson Brunsdon. It is the dream piece for me, and by that I mean if I am to be exiled to an far away island with only a few items, the skirt will still be on my packing list. Hope you like my styling and now, win a chance to win the Post December top by entering my giveaway!

Screen Shot 2013-05-15 at 1.57.16 AM


Opened internationally.
What are you waiting for!?

Disclaimer: All items listed above are loaned, not gifted, according to my request. Giveaways are sponsored and handled by Inverted Edge.



Photos by Inga Beckmann

Topshop faux leather jacket, Zara shirt and shorts, shoes and Edge of Ember cuff.

  The weather in Hong Kong has been gloomy since forever. So this is my way to brighten up the days! Wearing my trusted Topshop faux leather jacket and Zara porcelain print shirt. Also on my favourite list are the cobalt blue shorts that every girl should own and the bright orange heels from Have a nice day!

The New Shape


Photographs by Inga Beckmann

Zara top and shoes, Topshop skirt and printed top and clutch from local boutiques.

If you bump into me on the street these days, I will most likely to be wearing something like this. My go-to outfit has shifted from flowy top and body hugging bottoms to lose-fitting top and structured bottoms and I’ve come to appreciate the simplicity in such combination. Vivid orange has always been my favorite color, it just brightens up everything. (Proof and proof). The black and white printed top and Zara heels put the whole outfit together. Simple and chic. Talk soon!

An official chill day.

Photographs by dear mom : )

(H&M jumper, unknown brand pants, Jeffrey Campbell heels and Monki hat.)

Lately I’ve been trying to write a bit but somehow I have the feeling that no one’s actually reading. I guess when it comes to a personal style blog, sometimes less is more. So that you can comment on my lovely red shoes (quoted from an email reply by Victoria Jin) without going through the writings in a painful manner. Alright, just kidding, probably if I write better you would enjoy reading it.

Okay, so my point is, I’ll just skip the writing part this time : P The outfit is pretty simple, a new H&M jumper paired with wide leg polka dot pants – which is available now at ShopStyleVoyager. I also put on my old bowler to complete the look. Yea I know, super lazy inside out.

A picture taken on a trip to the flower market for an upcoming blogger event. I can’t tell you what they’re for now, but it’s gonna be something really exciting. The colours are so beautiful together, definitely my new go to colour palette.

Have a lovely day!

Are we bored with summer yet?

Are we bored with summer yet?

Photographs by dear mom : )

(H&M blazer, Zara silk pants, Jeffrey Campbell heels via Free People, American Apparel bandeau and Asos clutch)

It took me lots of guts to wear a bandeau out. But it took even more for me to convince my mom that it is socially acceptable to do it. Nah, it’s okay, my mom’s pretty open-minded with that : P I was just a little insecure about the meatiness on my tummy… Anyways, this look was inspired by Sam from her styling section with Electric Sekki. Go check it here.

Sam was telling me how she is bored by Summer clothes. But the thing is in Hong Kong the temperature won’t drop until November, and wearing fall stuff in August seems fairly retarted. My approach here is to balance out the heaviness of the blazer and the long pants by wearing a bandeau on top. You can also wear summer silhouettes in fall colors – if you’re getting impatient with the dreadfully long summer.

I was never that pale during summer for a very long time. It looks almost unhealthy in the middle of the summer when everyone’s so tanned. I’m so desperate for a sunny afternoon on the beach.

Have a lovely sunny day!

Parka weather and Cantonese opera.

Parka weather and Cantonese opera.

Photographs by dear mom : )

(Zara parka, Topshop sheer top and sandals, denim short from Thailand, vintage purse from Midwest Vintage)

Hey! This is going to be a really short outfit post and a few random photos of a Cantonese Opera house near my place : P I’m a little tired from the blogging format because it takes me a lot of time to write and it kinda slows down my blog post frequency… and that sucks : ( So I guess I would go with what I feel like doing this time, sorry if you love the inspiration sections…

So, let’s talk about the outfit! The weather’s all grumpy at the moment so parka is my go-to outwear. I got this sheer peacock print top from last season last season and it’s really unique. I’m also loving these Ninja sandals from Topshop simply because they go with everything. I hope you like this outfit post!

I took these photo on my way home from the photoshoot. This is one of the oldest opera house/cinema in Hong Kong. I walk by it everyday but never really take a look inside. I was told by a nice lady that the beautiful woman – first picture above –  is actually played by a guy. Hmmm… very nice.



Photographs by dear mom : )

(H&M blazer, clutch and chandelier necklace, vintage waistcoat from Prague, Monki dress, boots.)

Ah it’s been a while, I hope you’re still with me : ) Spring has arrived in my city, and so far it’s been fairly nasty (according to Sam). The thing about Spring season in Hong Kong is that you want it so badly when it’s not here. But when it finally arrives you just want to get rid of it. With 95% relative humidity it feels like living in a steam room. The only difference is you can’t just step out of it and say to yourself – Thank God it’s over. : (

I got this “skyscraper” dress from Monki last year. I love the print so much but the quality of it has been quite a disappointment. (It’s the forth time I wore it and it has lost its shape already. I guess that’s the thing about fast fashion… ) I’m wearing this vintage wool waistcoat from Prague together with a H&M blazer over it. Accessories wise I’m wearing a (pretty broken) chandelier necklace and a studded clutch to brighten up the entire outfit. I hope you like this one!

Runway inspirations

(From left: Dsquared² Spring 2011; Brioni Spring 2011; Sonia Rykiel Spring 2011)
Photo source:

Flowy white blazers are probably your best dress up companions for Spring. Love the almost cape-like blazer by Dsquared². The look was made impecable with the waistcoat and a maxi thigh slit skirt (and the lace details.); The blazers spotted in Brioni’s Spring collection looks crisp and well-tailored, a must-have style for the season; It’s time to gear up with bold prints, and the bolder the better. Love the playfulness in Sonia Rykiel’s Spring collection! Oh and don’t be afraid of matching them up with even bolder accessories!

Street inspirations

(From left: You Got Me Sewn; Fashion Chalet; B. Jones Style)
Photo source:

Bea from You Got Me Sewn had made this slim Khaki maxi skirt herself and paired it up with a cute blazer. I like the shape of the skirt! And she looks picture perfect : ); I love how Erika Marie from Fashion Chalet can achieve simlicity at its finest! She looks breathtaking in the Marie Antoinette dress by Wildfox Couture. (I can’t post all the pictures here in full size so I suggest you to visit her blog!); And once again, Beth from B. Jones Style has inspired me with her springy blazer and pants with wild floral prints. Join her for a recent thrift adventure here!

Get the look now!

(1. Zara Double Breast Blazer; 2. Zara Camel Coloured Clutch; 3. Topshop Wine Cropped Backed Layered Front Waistcoat; 4. Jeffrey Campbell Gemini via; 5. Topshop Metal Sticks On Curb Chain; 6.Ecote Tiedye Maxi Dress via )

I will stay positive.

I will stay positive.

Photographs by dear mom : )

(Zara t-shirt, Topshop high waisted pants, Mango Kimono cardigans and Free People platform sandals.)

I was really excited about these Jeffrey Campbell wedges I’ve ordered from FreePeople, the print is just so beautiful I couldn’t resist! (But still I was a little too slow that the beige colour, which I like better, was sold out of my size range. These ones I had to get one size bigger as well. )I was wearing a Zara striped t-shirt (experimenting with a little colour blocking here.) with an old Mango kimono cardigan I got from the sales pile in Vienna (for only 12 euros!).

Also a very very exciting news! I’m featured in the Style Stalker section of popular fashion website Click here to see the full story! Thank you! You rock : )

This outfit was briefly featured on the front page of Chictopia. Thank you Chictopia editors : )

Runway inspirations

(From left: Les Coplains Srping 2011, Fendi Spring 2011, D&G Spring 2011)
Photo source:;

Les Copains’ Spring collection is so youthful and fun. I love this black kimono cardigan paired up with bright orange sandals. Usually I’m not huge into makeup, but those neon bright lips (also spotted in Jil Sander and many other shows) are to die for!
I’m very inspired by the colour combination in Fendi’s Spring collection. I’m not a person for large-scale colour blocking, and I think this bright orange and blue wrap skirt is just the perfect dose for me.
If you love floral the D&G Spring show would definitely impress you. I mean, look at these all-over floral maxi dresses , they would literally turn you into a walking flower field : o

Street inspirations

(From left: Autilia, Brooklyn Blonde, Molto Fashion)
Photo source:

These are a few of my current favourites on Chictopia. Love the “ragged” thrifted Kimono on Autila, it’s the perfect outerwear for a simple and basic outfit, great styling! I’m sure the colour blocking trend is hard to carry, but Brooklyn Blonde‘s interpretation is very easy on the eyes, right on spot; Claudia from  Molto fashion has a unique look and personal style, love her hairbow and glasses : ) Check out their blogs!

Get the look now!

1. Zara Striped T-shirt; 2. Zara Combat Trousers 3. Mango Leather Shoulder Bag; 4. Topshop Knitted Stone Kimono; 5. Jeffrey Campbell Bed of Roses Platform Sandals via

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