It’s a midwest kind of style.

(Shawl, handbag, fedora, belt and jewellery courtesy of Midwest Vintage, American Apparel shorts and Topshop sandals.)

Me and fellow blogger Sam went on a style hunt to Midwest Vintage last Friday. It is a trade showroom-turned clothing store specialising in vintage fashion and recycled designs with 18 years of history. If you live in Hong Kong and somewhat style-conscious, I’m sure you’re familiar with this brand.

Both Sam and I put together three outfits with items from their store. It’s a little pause to my regular outfit posts and I hope you enjoy it! (I’ll put a link to Sam’s outfits once she has them posted.)

The shop has a lovely selection of original handbags and accessories of great quality. I’ve never seens such a big collection of clutches anywhere else in Hong Kong. As a hopeless clutch addict I was feeling a bit dizzy : P The first outfit is my favourite. I had my eyes on this poncho/shawl for a while now. It has this lovely peacocky colour and fringe details, a perfect statement piece.

(Military boots, clutch and belt courtesy of Midwest Vintage, plaid shirt and cargo pants from Midwest Vintage, Zara top.)

The second outfit is boyish from head to toe. Sam and I had a great time exploring the menswear section. Not only is it three times the size of the womenswear section, it also has a great selection of clothing that would fit us girls perfectly. (Well Sam’s 5’8, but I’m only 5’3, not a bad news, huh!?) I bought the plaid shirt and the cargo pants because they are just the perfect staple pieces to add to my overly girly closet. Oh and these really cool military surplus boots come in almost all sizes at a affordable price.

(Denim jacket, dress, bag, fedora and lace up boots courtesy of Midwest Vintage, American Apparel tights.)

The third outfit is a little bit out of my style comfort zone, but I gave it a try anyways and I love it. This really cute dress is one of their vintage recreations, aka the First Edition. It was made from a vintage three-button Polo shirt, cut and reshaped into a sleeveless mini dress.Β  We also spotted some Dries Van Noten-ish jackets which were recreated from vintage biker jackets and sweaters. If you are one of those who likes the idea of eco-friendly and creative recycling, definitely check out this line.

Oh this is on the front page of Chictopia today! Thank you Chictopia!
You guys are awesome : )

All outfit photos taken by Sam from Sam Is Home : )
Thank you girl, can’t wait to see yours outfits!

Midwest Vintage is located in the Tian Hau area, there’s a well illustrated map on their website so it shouldn’t be too difficult to find them (unless your sense of orientation is even worse than mine..) If you still haven’t had a chance to visit their store, here is a sneak peek.

Photographs by The Style Voyager

Thank you Midwest for letting us play around and try on your stuff. And thank you so much the nice sales lady who helped me clean up the mess : P Visit their website here! Or like their Facebook Page to get updates and special offers. (An online shop is not yet available but according to the owner, it’s on the to-do-list.)

Have a lovely day : )

24 responses

  1. You look beauuuutiful!! I love it!! You always manage to surprise me with your incredibly elegant and stylish outfits, and today was no exception… *-* Thank you for sharing them with us! πŸ˜‰ (And congrats on the front page!! You deserve it!)

  2. AHAHAHA I am SO PLEASED that the photo I took made it to Chictopia front page and with that outfit that you were so worried about in the first place! Slapping myself on the back right now!

    I’m in Seoul right now reading this- I’m so happy that the photos turned out so well!

    I have to stop using exclamation marks.
    More fashion shows tomorrow so I shall see you when I get back! We have to Monki!


  3. I always wanna find a chance to visit midwest, but everytime i am lack of time when i am in hk…and it is in the area where i seldom visit. (i’ve never been to Tian Hau!!!) Hope can visit there someday soon. Can’t wait to see Sam’s looks too!!
    I also like the 1st and 3rd looks better, really love the dress and boots!! And it is kind of fresh to see you in the last outfit, lovely.

  4. oh, is your boyfriend back in hong kong? and you are not going back to vienna? however, i’m happy that you guys are back together πŸ˜‰ ..i love your striped tights, they looks so cute and cheeky! it looks like chictopia loves you – cool! ..big hug..

  5. looks like you had fun…loved the cape in 1st photo…in 2nd photo loved the top,shirt aand th clutch..loved the way you are looking boyish in the outfit & loved the whole outfit in 3rd photo

  6. wow loving all three outfits!!! so happy i found your blog through sam..always looking out for more HK bloggers πŸ™‚
    I’ve actually never even HEARD of midwest vintage!! So thankful you posted about them and am probably gonna check it out this weekend..looks so great!

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  8. Hi, i’m from London, but i’m over in hong kong for a month and a half to visit family, and i love your blog! i’ve been looking for a vintage shop here for ages and my mother said that there would never be a vintage shop in hong kong! thank you ! x

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