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I was in ART HK 11 with Sam from Sam is Home and Tania from T Likes Bubble Tea last Saturday (or the one before?). It’s funny because I was never the artistic girl and I didn’t know what to expect for such a huge exhibition. It was so overwhelming and our time was limited. We only managed to stop by a few booths that really caught our attention.

(Uh.. is it weird that I really like his hair?)

The guy from Indonesian artist Syagini Ratna Wulan’s booth took this polaroid photo of the three of us. In case you can’t read Sam’s handwriting, it says “TSS Likes Bubble Tea At Home with The Style Voyager.” Finally we have a photo together : ) And in case you’re wondering, we didn’t plan for those ridiculous white blazer uniform!

I took a few photos of Sam and Tania’s outfit but definitely go to their blogs for more : )
I love the flower on Hannah! It’s so sweet on her and it matches perfectly with the dress she’s wearing.

I went to a high tea in Mandarin Oriental with Sam and her friends. It was a lovely high tea with the girls, they are all so adorable. Thank you for sharing your lovely stories : )
I’m not the type of person that would spend too much time and money on food… but their scones… you shouldn’t miss their scones : 0 If you’re in Hong Kong for a visit, go get their Rose Petal Jam it’s the best present EVER!

Later that night Sam and I met up with Denise from Superwowomg. We had Mexican food in Soho and had a great time talking about everything – from fashion to high school bullying – turned out we were all bullied in school… is that a common thing for fashion bloggers? Anyways, Denise and I were asked by Sam to make faces according to what she said… I’m not sure if what the first two were, but the last one was “fashion blogger!” Guess who failed!? : P Say hi to denise!

These are photos taken from the Spring Collection lounge party of designer Susanne Ngao, also a friend of Sam. The clothes are really pretty, probably a little too sexy for my taste. But Tania looks great in them! Check out the store on Elgin Street!

Notice the height difference between me and normal women?haha, stay happy and inspired! I have an outfit post coming up soon!
Oh by the way my post “Day and Night” was featured on Freshly Pressed. I just want to say thank you for all of you who left me a comment, it’s very very sweet of you!


Parka weather and Cantonese opera.

Parka weather and Cantonese opera.

Photographs by dear mom : )

(Zara parka, Topshop sheer top and sandals, denim short from Thailand, vintage purse from Midwest Vintage)

Hey! This is going to be a really short outfit post and a few random photos of a Cantonese Opera house near my place : P I’m a little tired from the blogging format because it takes me a lot of time to write and it kinda slows down my blog post frequency… and that sucks : ( So I guess I would go with what I feel like doing this time, sorry if you love the inspiration sections…

So, let’s talk about the outfit! The weather’s all grumpy at the moment so parka is my go-to outwear. I got this sheer peacock print top from last season last season and it’s really unique. I’m also loving these Ninja sandals from Topshop simply because they go with everything. I hope you like this outfit post!

I took these photo on my way home from the photoshoot. This is one of the oldest opera house/cinema in Hong Kong. I walk by it everyday but never really take a look inside. I was told by a nice lady that the beautiful woman – first picture above –  is actually played by a guy. Hmmm… very nice.

Dress up for a sunny day! Snapshot collection Vol.4

Dress up for a sunny day! Snapshot collection Vol.4

Here you go the first two lovely street style I spotted in Vienna!

I love the colour of her coat and the scarf. The combination is quite mature, but on her it feels like fresh breeze . Love the hairstyle too!

She looks so chic in the shawl and the little clutch purse. The flowy silhouette and the impecable use of colour has attracted me from far away.

And the following pictures were taken during a treasure hunt to the Saturday flee market.

And this is me with the grandma handbag I bought from the flee market : P

Have a nice day!

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