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Photographs by the best mom in the universe (as requested by her)

Cos top and skirt, Zara sandals and clutch, H&M cuff.

I visited the Cos store on Queen’s Road many times since it was opened in Hong Kong, but my first purchase from them only took place at their current summer sale. Just because they don’t do any fancy sequined cocktail dress, I categorized them as “pricey-minimalistic-casual-wear”  and haven’t been motivated enough to buy anything. But I realized the thing about Cos designs is that every item has a understated chic element in it which makes them well-worth the price over time. I hope you are not getting dizzy from looking at my multi-faceted clutch and my printed skirt (Coz my mom totally did.) Speak soon!

Soft pastels.

Photographs by mom : )

(H&M top, skirt and boots, necklace gifted by a friend.)

Another simple fall outfit. Inspired by the dreaminess of Lana Del Rey x H&M collection. The grey embroidered top is of nice quality, but I kinda wish it’s more cropped and fits better with my high-waisted pencil skirts. The skirt is from H&M spring collection and boots are even older, both easily replaceable items. The gold necklace brings out the warmth in this outfit, making the look more fall-approprite. Hope you like it! Talk soon.

Some thoughts on minis…

Photographs by dear mom : )

(Topshop mac and top, Zara skirt, heels courtesy of Joy & Peace)

About a year ago I realised that mini skirts are not my thing. The reason being with my height (5″3) has limited the length of my legs, and no matter how thin I get, within my healthy weight range ofcourse, my legs are still relatively short. (Feeling quite comfortable in my Size 8 body I also don’t see a need to loose weight.) I used to think by wearing something short and thus showing more legs would help the situation. But quite the opposite, mini lengths reveal just about how much I have! By realising that I gradually switched to midi and maxi lengths, and started to feel more and more uncomfortable in minis.

Well, it’s not exactly right either to avoid mini lengths from now on. Just because we are girls and we like to change with no particular reasons, we can’t help but wanting to switch things up. I came up a formular that’s quite useful for myself, hopefully for you too, and that is -to always layer something longer that would reveals the front part of your mini length but covers up the rest. Not quite getting it? Just image how boring and powerless I would look without my super mac!! Don’t worry this is no rule, I’m still sneaking in and out in my short shorts. Just when it comes to dressing up, minis are really not for me. I know for many MINI IS THE RULE. So how about just giving midi and under-the-knee length a try, you may know what I mean immediately : )

Happy, uh, mid-week?

PS: For someone who might be reading… D0 you see the cool stuff under my trench coat???
Okay, in case you’re not already a fan, go to this blog, it’s hilarious.

The hippie inside you and me.

The hippie inside you and me.

Photographs by dear mom : )

(H&M top and bangle, Topshop pants, Jeffrey Campbell heels, vintage necklace and Asos turban.)

*This is a post dedicated for someone I’ve loved for a very long time : )

Okay. This photos-first-text-later thing on my blog is getting horrible, gonna stop doing that : P So, how are you guys?! I’m getting so many emails from you guys lately. It makes me feel bad that I can’t reply each of you on time. (Now I miss my time being a full-time blogger…) I hope I can figure out how to balance my work life and blog life very soon!

So… a hippie-inspired outfit! I received my Jeffrey Campbell Crosby platforms last week… OMG that are so amazing! Apart from being a little heavy for my miserable size 6 feet, they are incredibly comfortable and safe to walk in. (I’m 13cm taller with these babies on, and yea I can only wear these ridiculously long pants with an extra 13cm : l )  I’m trying out something new with my hair recently, mainly because I’m too lazy to go to the hair dresser and I don’t want my hairstyle to get stuck in time (the way my mom does to her hair.) Turban is probably not my thing though – what do you think?

Have a lovely day girls, a new post is up tomorrow!

Colours that make me smile : )

Colours that make me smile : )

Photographs by dear mom : )

(Topshop sweater, American Apparel pants and clutch, Messeca Coraline Wedges, H&M bangle.)

Hmmm.. This outfit feels like my second skin : P I’m really busy working lately and something this comfortable is what I need. I love these colours though I might look like a pastel version of traffic light. And I also like the shape of the pants, they even give me a little curve at my hips! (I don’t like wearing pants so much – you can probably tell by now- because of my boyish figure – boarder at the shoulder and almost hip-less : l) Yea, I’m addicted to those pants, and I’m probably gonna get them in another colour.

Enjoy your day girls, I’ll talk to you real soon : )

If Jack White wears hot pink.

Photographs by dear mom : )

(Zara blazer, Free People skorts and wedges, H&M top and socks.)

I’m back to my humble rooftop where I started The Style Voyager. My life’s getting a little busy at the moment. So if I haven’t reply your emails or comments it’s because I can’t really spare the time to do it : ( But I’ve been reading each and every word your sent me! They really mean a lot to me : ) But things are on the right track now and I can’t wait to share with all of you!

When I put together this outfit I didn’t think of Jack White or any style reference in particular. But when I sent these photos to my boyfriend he immediately spotted the Jack White in me : P (I admit it would look much closer if I was wearing a trilby. ) So sad that there will be no more White Stripes. Time for a good old track guys : )

Oh, the lady in blue is my mom. I’m giving her kisses and hugs for making better photographs each time!

Have a lovely, well, Tuesday.

What have I missed?

What have I missed?

Photographs by dear mom : )

(Monki shirt dress, American Apparel shorts, Topshop hat, bralette and sandals)

Yay! It’s been six months! I can’t believe I’ve made it this far : P
I want to thank you all for your sweet comments, following and returning visits. They mean so much to me : ) Okay, maybe it’s a little cheesy to put it that way. I have a giveaway coming up soon. Leave a comment and tell me what you guys are interested in getting!

Back to the outfit. I did a similar outfit earlier this year. I like to call this kind of layering the “superhero effect”, because it creates a cape-like effect when I’m walking and it feels like, well, superhero : P It’s definitely a fun way to dress up but try to stick with muted colours or it may look somewhat clowny. I got this Monki dress from last season. I don’t think they still have the exact same piece but they do have some versatile pieces for layering.

Runway inspirations

(From left: Stella McCartney Spring 2011, Fendi Spring 2011, Michael Kors Spring 2011)
Photo source: Style.com

I’m kinda obsessed with ankle-length button-down shirt dresses this spring. From Stella McCartney’s Chilling in the Mediterranean type to Michael Kor’s Safari-inspired type, they just look effortless! I’m also in love with this peach peasant dress by Fendi. All you have to do is cinch it up with a skinny belt and slip on your favourite pair of sandals, and you’re all set!

Street inspirations

(From left: Autilia, Gary Pepper Vintage, Agogo Fashion)
Photo source: Chictopia.com

I always like to layer a button-up shirt over my summer basics, but it always end up looking baggy. Autilia’s denim shirt with cut-out shoulder details is the perfect solution for a causal sexy look! I may not have Nicole Warne’s unique features or her perfect hair, but I’m happy to be inspired by her fabulous style.  I love the way she worn her sheer peach shirt and paired it with simple leather shorts. Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication – for some people : )  Jennifer from Agogo Fashion is giving us the ultra-sexy superhero effect : ) You see, to conceal is to reveal in style. I’m a fan.

Get the look now!

Dolce Vita Wood Bottom Sandals via urbanoutfitter.com US$ 129;
Topshop 70s Denim Dungaree Bralet
Moto Denim Heart Embroidery High Waisted Hotpants via Topshop.com
Asos Corsage Floral Trilby
Buttondown Pleated Maxi Dress via Freepeople.com

Have a nice day : )

All those beautiful pearls.

All those beautiful pearls.

Photographs by dear mom (I know you’re spying on me in your office, now go back to work!)

(Topshop stripes cardigan and straw hat, H&M top and belt, American Apparel high-waisted short, Vintage handbag and unknown brand pink peep toe, jewellery by Nataliaraya.)

This outfit is probably not very me… I mean Barbie peep toes? Princess pink? Shorts!!? Well, I’m open to all options you know. I’m loving these American Apparel shorts. They are probably the only pair of shorts that I would ever want to wear, because the bottom of the shorts are so wide they actually look like a skirt. (I got one size too big though, click here to see what I mean.) The pink heels are old ones, so if you want something like that I would suggest a pair with concealed platforms.

Photo source: Nataliaraya.com / Jewelry by Natalia Araya

Here you go the second part of the jewellery feature. These delicate little pearl and silver flowers are Natalia’s signiture  designs, simple but they’ll never run out of fashion. She doesn’t know yet but I’m gonna ask her to design my wedding jewelry (NOT that I’m getting married anytime soon.) : P
Apparently the artist is on vacation at the moment, but don’t hesitate to leave her message if you want something. Check out her Blog/Etsy Shop/Facebook Page.

Runway inspirations

(From left: Marc Jacobs Spring 2011; SoniaRykiel Spring 2011; Diane Von Furstenberg Spring 2011) Photo source: Style.com

Marc Jacobs’ collection is probably my favourite show for Spring 2011, he really knows how to dress up a girl and make her feel pretty, even in the simplest clothes; I don’t really understand fashion, but Sonia Rykiel’s clothes make me happy. I mean, what are you looking for, if not good feelings? I have mixed feelings on DVF’s Spring collection, but the bold print and these skorts(?) have won me over.

Street inspirations

(From left: Aileen Clarisse, Jean Greige, Haiku Ambulance )
Photo source: Chictopia.com

I’m so inspired by these effortlessnesses! It seems there’re many playful stripes and straw hats in the fashion blogosphere, go to the Style Icons‘ blogs to see more : )

Get the look now!

(1.Paul Smith Crashed Straw Hat via Asos.com2. Dezenzo Peep Toe Heels by Aldo; 3.Corsage Band Cowboy Hat by Topshop; 4.Miss KG Blanche Shoes via Asos.com; 5.Knitted Navy Chunky Stripe Open Cardigan by Topshop; 6.Stretch Bull Denim High-Waisted Cuff Shorts)

Have a nice day!

Everybody loves the sunshine : )

Everybody loves the sunshine : )

(Monki peach shirt-dress, H&M slouchy cardigan and leopart print scarf, Forever21 ankle boots, Asos.com skinny belt and faceted heart necklace, H&M and Nataliaraya sterling silver jewelry.)

So this is the twisted version of my recent Chictopia front page outfit. I decided to shoot this again mainly because the photos are way too cold and depressing, but I’ve also made a few changes on the outfit itself.

I picked up this shirt-dress together with a few other items from Monki during my short stay (48hours) in Hong Kong. It is now one of my must-haves for Spring because of its versatility – You can wear it in so many ways without looking repetitive. I really like Monki’s affortable price range and its outside-the-box thinking. (I’m not a huge fan of the interior design of their HK store though, there’s hardly a mirror and the changing-rooms are scary.)

*One importance line to my dear fellow bloggers: I’m not able to browse your blog or leave comments because I have no access to all Blogger websites while staying in China. I’m gonna need some serious updates after the holiday : P* Have a lovely evening.

I know it’s late, but Happy New Year : )

I know it’s late, but Happy New Year : )

Photographs by Tituz

I know it’s very very late for a happy new year post, but it’s very sincere : ) I’m in Vienna again, and we are about to move in to our brand new apartment. Starting a new life in another city is very challenging and tiring, and things are definitely not working for us lately… ( We don’t even have internet in the new place yet! yea.. I’m a blogger without internet at the moment. ) I hope the coming days of 2011 are not as tough as its beginning, and I wish you all Happy New Year!

Minnie mouse sweater from H&M
Leopard print dress from Monki
Lace up boots from Asos.com
Fur hat from a boutique in Causeway Bay
Tights from H&M

: D

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